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  1. Best way to stop a thief from towing your Jeep?

    A few stickers like this should do the trick.
  2. Living without Carpets

    Mine is exactly like @Stuckinthesand took the carpet out in 18 and never looked back. The mopar mats get the job done and easy to clean. Probably louder, but with softop and taking doors off whenever its not wet noise is not my concern.
  3. Advice on Getting Naked

    Foot pegs - https://m.facebook.com/407078819638507/ Rain protection - https://www.raingearcovers.com/ Mirrors I have amazon specials lol Get naked and have fun!! It was in the high 70's last two days just put doors back on tonight gonna be high 50's tomorrow.
  4. CEL & engine knock - and $746 hasn't fixed it

    I have always done mine on past vehicles. It was nice to ask for the printout of milage and oil change intervals with full synthetic. All from the "Grease Monkey" shop ... actual name while still under warranty. The dealership went into oversized tire and bumper BS but jeep backed there...
  5. Rear axle longevity (carnage pics)

    Much technical info on here. Slow rolling 🍩 on Chrystal Beach = tickets, even if no one is around. Pay to play I guess. Jump it need better shocks, wheel it... bigger tires. I wish everything was made bullet proof, but would make for a boring weekend fix. From factory without mods should...
  6. Yankum Rope Worth It?

    +1 for the Yankum. I wanted a made in USA product there are other options as well USA made. I first got what looked like a quality rope off amazon but when it came in... made in china, it went back. It might have been just as good but one pull was worth the price difference in my opinion.
  7. Attaching front license plate without drilling?

    Jip ties on the D Ring stopped me being stopped. Not the cleanest look but functional.
  8. Tires break loose at 80, & 90 mph on wet roads.

    I think everyone is saying what tires are you running to stay planted at 80-90 mph sideways? The 2 door tops out at 100 and the 4 door at 110 because the unlimited is so much safer at 105 lol
  9. CEL & engine knock - and $746 hasn't fixed it

    Have them drop engine oil pan and look for sparkles..Kinda like Granet Chrystal. Mine has air fuel codes as well as O2 sensor code when the cam washed out. Good luck hope this is not what your dealing with. Picture of what mine looked like.
  10. HELP PLS!!!! Jeep Service Center returned my JLU with NO OIL after routine oil change.

    Remember the old Slick 50 ads driving with no oil lol. Sorry opp for your headache. The underside of Jeep would be soaked with oil, at least a 91 chevy truck is from experience but had plenty of smoke so able to get it shut down in time.
  11. A-Pillar Water Drip (TSB 23-041-21 REV. A)

    Wow gotta love how this is worded "If you are experience water dripping" sorry Jeep every single one made does this. So it leaked from day 1. Now on a 2018 well outside warranty time and mileage Jeep will not fix this??
  12. Uconnect 8.4 touch screen not responding

    My 18 with 8.4 has started doing the non responsive screen. Its on colder mornings and by the afternoon everything is back to normal. Steering wheel controls work fine its just the touchscreen. At 103,500 miles its well out of warranty unless @JeepCares has an idea for me. I am gonna try to...
  13. Starlink with Portability Plan Has Arrived!

    Have not used ours as a portable unit yet. We get great speed no its not like fiber, but much better than the 10Mbps we had with DSL. I ordered it the min it came available but waited 1.5 years to come in... Starlink did not like my address.
  14. Driving on the Beach

    Yea dont have too much fun out on Chrystal Beach... fighting a ticket right now for kids standing up in back of Jeep without a seat belt on. Driving 15 mph on on empty beach with hard pack sand. Technically its a road but selective enforcement. We will be back its a blast and yearly trip...
  15. "Subaru < Bronco < Jeep"

    I think they are entertaining, did I or anyone else buy a Jeep because of them I doubt it. If you can first afford a Jeep and second build it out I hope you should be smart enough to make the right decision for yourself. I hope they keep showing the shiny things it shows whats out there and...
  16. 850 watt fan swap? Anyone done it yet?

    With the complaints of the early fans being loud, mine is but no complaints. Would it sound like an A10 under the hood because that is a very polarizing subject.
  17. Mopar Introduces Performance Windshield Wipers w/ Built-In Washer Jets

    From Texas so might be doing it wrong in Colorado... but I empty and refilled the washer fluid going down I-70 between Denver and Breckenridge. That melt and mud with sun in your face is brutal.
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Since this is the to thread... Strapped a big sun shade to the side so the sun did not eat us. I think the dog appreciated it the most lol.
  19. Windshield cleaning problem solved

    But using anti-sieze anywhere near a clean anything is a recipe for disaster.. a little goes a LONG way. But that being said I used it like you said and works great
  20. Any suggestion for a good foot peg when doorless?

    Lol its fun!! Have you tried it?