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  1. Rear Camera Washer

    I desperately need a rear camera washer. Has anyone done it?
  2. Pennsylvania Sold: 4Xe Rubicon Take-offs 1200 miles $1500

    For sale: 2022 4Xe Rubicon Take-offs set of Five Included TPMS - Ready to install No marks, scratches, etc. Philadelphia Suburbs
  3. Hanging out the rear window

    We’ve recently been hanging things out the back window for convenience on short trips. kayak paddles, small electric boat motor, 2x4 piece of wood, etc Other than throwing a blanket or towel over the exposed rear door paint top edge, has anyone seen anything permanent or made a vinyl protector?
  4. Hood Lock 4Xe with Trail Cam recommendations?

    Anyone have a favorite hood lock for 4Xe with trail cam? prefer a lock in the grill vs new hood latches
  5. 392 Recon VS 4Xe Rubi

    Went to dealer today that has both 392 Recon and 4Xe Rubicon. I already ordered the 4Xe but looking for some help with dimensions, tires, lift, etc I was able to find and compare these side by side. The 392 is definitely slightly taller but of course they have 35” vs 33” tires on 4Xe Rubi. my...