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  1. Is the Wrangler JL Reliable enough for a 10k road-trip?

    I drove mine from Southern California all the way to Yellowstone and back with no problems. 37 inch tires on a 4inch lift fully armored driveshafts regeared etc.
  2. Drive train is ticking pretty bad. Came on quickly, any Ideas?

    Get an Adams, won’t have that issue again.
  3. Drive train is ticking pretty bad. Came on quickly, any Ideas?

    It seems like the yoke is saturated with oil.
  4. Integrated "Flush" Style Roof Mounted Light Bar- Who would be interested?

    I’d shy away from drilling. I also see it hard for the front window to come down with the cowl in place. I looks rad though.
  5. 37” Tires for my build. LOST…

    I’ve owned several sets of Goodyear Wrangler MTRs with Kevlar, and the only complaint I’ve had is the companys political issues lol. I had a set of 35s on my lj that saw torturous abuse and never blinked an eye at it. All the sets I had sawsnow, rock, mud, and sand everything California...
  6. Officially done.

    Are you in cedar lake CA? I may be able to help. I’ve solved death wobble on quite a few jeeps.
  7. Door sill guard recommendations?

    I used a combination of the mopar door sills and clear skateboard grip tape, it it works great.
  8. Adding rock sliders while keeping the OEM Rubicon rails?

    Kinda confused as to why you would want rails if you don’t expect to rock crawl. Also I don’t know of any that keep the originals alongside the new ones. That being said I have enjoyed my rock hard 4x4s since 2018
  9. My 392 is hot. Literally.

    I notice the floor of my Jeep gets hot when driving more then an hour on the freeway. The longer I stay on it the hotter it gets. The last trip we had to Yellowstone from CA the family found it unbearably hot. After the trip I put some time in to see why, and I had noticed that the heat shield...
  10. Jeepers with kids

    I have 5 kids from 13-2 and they have only ever complained on long road trips.
  11. Motorcycle versus Wrangler

    Sorry to anyone who’s opinion differs but even with the top off and no doors you still will not get the feeling a motorcycle offers of freedom. I own both and they are not comparable. The wrangler gets close, and off-road in the given scenario it is a blast, but with the front windshield up you...
  12. PSA Worse than Legos or stubbing your toe

    I’ve caught an elbow quite a few times on that thing while putting my son in his car seat.
  13. Death wobble after Mopar 2" diesel lift

    Glad you got it fixed. I had no doubt that was the case.
  14. New 392 in the shop

    I always find it funny that people are so ready to chalk up excuses to justify a clear injustice. Wether you payed 20k or a million for a product doesn’t change the social contract expected there in. If I buy a product that’s brand new it shouldn’t be unfit for use as intended. Everyone knows...
  15. Death wobble after Mopar 2" diesel lift

    Well what I stated was that there are many variables. I have never bought a mopar kit so I didn’t know it came with control arms. Does it also come with rear uppers? If not then the back would be off and the front would be corrected. Even with adjustable a the angles would still be much...
  16. Death wobble after Mopar 2" diesel lift

    How many lbs of torque should I loosen it? Should I also loosen other bolts and then drive off a cliff too? Lol smh. Read the quote. I didn’t say a loose bolt can’t cause it I said one that’s not exactly in spec, big difference. They mount straight into bracket cups, and unless the specs are...
  17. Death wobble after Mopar 2" diesel lift

    I’ve never seen an “out of tightening specifications bolt” cause death wobble. If you lifted the Jeep there are many factors that could cause it and almost all of them have to do with the geometry of the suspension. 1)adjustable track Bars and control arms would almost certainly give you much...
  18. What Are The Largest Tires I Can Safely Run On BUILT Factory D44s?

    I have been running 37s on the stock axels with 4-4 1/2 inch lifted king coilovers and have done many of those listed trails.
  19. Should I Sell JL for older model

    If you plan on rock crawling then get a nice lj rubi with low miles. If it’s just for getting around and occasional off-roading the jl really masters the medium. It also has amazing rock crawling potential. You pay for what you get. Older jeeps have old Jeep problems, but simplicity isn’t one of...
  20. My 392 is hot. Literally.

    If it’s of any help I could add that my 3.6 does the same thing.