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  1. 2.0L Water Leak

    Nothing cosmic. Regular ratchet, 2” extension, 3/8 drive to 1/4 drive adapter, then the T30 bit. To get to the lower one, I had to put my head right near the front left tire, on the ground, then reach up over the diff to get the ratchet on the bolt.
  2. 2.0L Water Leak

    Mine are confirmed tight. Just got a socket wrench on them. 5000 mi
  3. 2.0L Water Leak

    T-30. And you’ll need a small ratchet with an extension (most likely).
  4. 2.0L Water Leak

    Agreed and will do. Thx.!
  5. 2.0L Water Leak

    Now at 4500 mi and wanted to report that my reservoir seems to have stabilized. Checked yesterday and it has not gone down any more. Also, I did a visual inspection of the bolts and area around there and all seems fine. :like:
  6. Anyone get the tan leather seats?

    @Dryver What’s that drive like with doors and FPs off, but HT on? Do you get a lot of helicopter wind thumping?
  7. Anyone get the tan leather seats?

    Love mine, and they seem to be holding up well. Though I do agree, they would be better if they were slightly darker, but that’s just personal preference. I think they look great on blue and darker colored Jeeps.
  8. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Weather Tech! They fit great, but the driver’s one pops off the posts sometimes. Otherwise they’re great.
  9. Invest in a dash camera.

    Wondering where you guys running dash cams are wiring in for power? I’d like to NOT use the Aux switches, but have it switched for when the Jeep is on. Any good options in the rear view? I have at advanced safety pkg.
  10. How's your 2.0 MPGs lookin?

    Are you basing your concerns on the on-dash Jeep display? Or are you manually calculating it (Fuelly app or otherwise)? I use Fuelly and it differs from the Jeep display by about 1 MPG.
  11. Noises in new Jeep

    My hardtop does this, every time. Only around 20 mph, and over a certain part of a road that seems to feed a harmonic vibration. It’s just enough to get the top bouncing at just the right frequency. Edit: I have the Mopar hardtop headliner.
  12. 2023 JLURXR Engine Light Came On

    Take it to O’reily or AutoZone. They can do free scans for CELs. I had a CEL after 1000 mi on mine and it was a loose gas cap. Dealer pressure tested the system and it was good. Yes, many threads in the 2.0T area about leaky coolant and mysterious disappearing coolant. Mine being one in the...
  13. 2.0 coolant top off frequency

    Just added 9 fl oz (almost 1/3 qt) to my reservoir. 🤨 It was topped off 5 weeks ago. Checked it cold today and it was almost to the Min mark.
  14. 2.0 owners, what MPG are you averaging?

    20.1 mpg. Measured off Fuelly. 2100 miles tracked.
  15. "Performance Limited" Error code

    @Pancake_Willys are you actually losing power or performance? If not, and with no CEL, it’s pretty much normal. The consensus is that it’s a product of the Wrangler shallow fuel tank and the fuel pump or pickup sucking in air briefly. (Usually during braking, slowing).
  16. Common JL Problems

    But it’s a sealed system. So it shouldn’t evaporate to anywhere. My dealer pressure tested my coolant system to 25 psi (or so they said) and said that is way more than the average system will ever see. It pressure checked good. If something can evaporate, a pressure check should identify a...
  17. Uconnect Audio went ‘Scratchy’

    Yeah, went out to the parking lot 4-5 hours later and checked it all out. Was working fine. Same on the drive home. :whew: Self healing Jeep!:jk:
  18. Uconnect Audio went ‘Scratchy’

    Oh! I didn’t know that. I will give that a shot and report back. Thanks!!! (Love this forum)
  19. Uconnect Audio went ‘Scratchy’

    Just driving to work and pressed a button on the 8.4” touchscreen and my audio went ‘scratchy.’ Everything sounded tinny and scratchy, like in a tin can with terrible distortion. Best I can describe it. I tried CarPlay, AM, FM, and many Sirius stations, it was all the same. I shut down once at...