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  1. Your Top 5 Jeep related YouTube channels

    I have recently watched several vids from: Seek The Open He runs a mostly stock Rubicon 2-door (silver, too!), so watching his stuff is directly relevant to me. His stock plastic rear bumper is currently pretty mangled...😄
  2. Thoughts on barricade bumper?

    Dang! I am looking for an aluminum front bumper and was looking at Barricade and the Rockhard Patriot. I asked a while ago why the Barricade was half the price, but no one mentioned it was because China. Now I know!
  3. Jeep just updated website with HUGE price increases to the Wrangler options.

    Wow. I ordered my '21 Rubicon 2-door, 3.6L MT, hard top, tow package, cold weather group, LED lights, and 8.4" premium audio. I paid $51,400 with 0%/36 months. "The good old days" are now just two short years ago!
  4. 2 door accessories

    When you go naked, your rear seat belts will flap and will drive you crazy. Sure, you can spend $50 on a branded, purpose-built "seat belt silencer". Or, you can go to your local auto parts store and spend $13 on a pair of "seat belt comfort pads" that will perform the exact same function.
  5. 6th Gear?

    OP is from Kansas. Does not compute.
  6. Lets see those sexy 2drs (pictures zone)

    Please share details on the TJ and how much you will be asking for it. I'm only curious, as I live half a huge country away and can't justify two Jeeps, either. But, I do love some TJR.
  7. Trade In Value Plummet of Death

    I paid $41,500 for my ordered '21 Rubicon 2-door (hard top, LED package, 3.6 manual, 8.4 in premium audio, tow package, cold weather package). Sticker was $47,300. Are you telling me a similar Jeep now goes for $63k?
  8. Caught in the rain.

    On a beautiful day with no rain in the forecast, I had the top and doors off and met some friends to go out in their boat. On our way back, black clouds appeared and absolutely dumped on us. We were completely soaked by the time we got back to the dock. The Jeep had taken it while full naked...
  9. Protection packages from dealer

    I really liked my salesman when I ordered and bought my Jeep. That good buying experience lasted right up until the finance guy pulled me into his office to try to sell me everything under the sun: financing through their company rather than the 0%/36 mo through Jeep, windshield protection...
  10. Lets see those sexy 2drs (pictures zone)

    Do you know how much that raised the height, ground to roof top (or, would you mind measuring it)? I love this setup, but have a short garage door.
  11. Another gun thread :( sorry

    I hadn't thought about the load capability. Thanks for pointing that out.
  12. Another gun thread :( sorry

    Since there is molle on the back of the seats, I would think you should be able to find some type of gun case with that system. I believe hunters and snipers often have such a backpack gun case for their long gun. Something like this, after a quick search...
  13. Jeep Electrifying Trailheads

    Jeep has clearly announced their intent to be a leader in the EV market, so the 4xe was only the first step. These charging stations are, as stated above, largely unnecessary for a 4xe. I think they are intended to be support structure for the full EV's Jeep has planned. My question...
  14. Soft top or Hard top standard?

    That depends on how bad your winters are. You are from the "northeast", so I would vote hardtop, easy. Why? Because if you buy a Jeep built for a hard top, you get the rear window defroster, wiper, and sprayer all set up. If you buy a Jeep with a soft top and then add a hard top, you either...
  15. JL 3.6 Manual Transmission Clutch.... Please ELI5

    Well, then. I guess I'll be a-steppin'. Adios. 🚶‍♂️
  16. JL 3.6 Manual Transmission Clutch.... Please ELI5

    '21 MT 3.6L Rubicon 2-door. Loving all of it so far. Wouldn't change a thing.
  17. Lets see those sexy 2drs (pictures zone)

    For me, that is the PERFECT 2-door Jeep stance! What size lift did you go with? It looks like you kept the factory 33" Rubicon tire and wheel size? *Edit - I just noticed the fender extensions...XR package? *2nd edit - Nope, I see in your profile you have a '19.
  18. Some Jeepers do it for the view... but whoa!

    Watch some videos of the hiking trail "Angels' Landing". That trail has killed numerous people (and watching the video, you will likely be as shocked as I was that the number killed hasn't been MUCH higher!), but it is still open and is still a huge draw. Fortunately, the Nanny State hasn't...
  19. Some Jeepers do it for the view... but whoa!

    I have a fear of heights. While I think this road/trail looks amazing, I don't think I will ever be able to conquer it.