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  1. Can't find TPMS menu on cluster

    I have a tazer. I'm not sure what you mean by enable it again. I talked to Jeep customer care and we did a walk through and it wasn't there they told me to get a firmware update but that's for the radio.
  2. Can't find TPMS menu on cluster

    I have a 2019 JLR and yesterday I couldn't find the TPMS menu on cluster behind the steering wheel. I thought It used to be the first option under menu #2 Vehicle information but now I can't find it. Anyone else have this issue?
  3. Google Assistant Way to loud after speaker upgrade

    I recently upgraded my speaker bar and not Google Assistant is way to loud. The problem is the Assistant defaults back to the default volume after each use. So if I turn it down while it's talking I can lower it's volume. But the next use it will be back at it's default volume. Does anyone have...
  4. Lifted gas mileage thread

    Here is your answer. These are heavy tires. A BF Goodyear tire about the same size is 10 lbs apiece lighter.
  5. So How's The Real World Highway MPG?

    My 2019 JLR Auto. I average about 19.7 mpg everything is still stock. I'm planning on adding a 2.5 lift and dirty life DT-1 wheels and keeping stock bfg tires. Will also be putting on a rockslide Auto sidestep. I'm curious to what my mpg will change it to.
  6. Hidden Jeep in Adaptive Cruise Control

    So for stop and start it not good because when the Jeep comes to a cimpcomp stop ACC shuts off. It's great for slowing down and speeding up traffic.i drove my Jeep on a trip and didn't touch a pedal in 4 hours. Traveling at speeds from 35 to 75.
  7. Hidden Jeep in Adaptive Cruise Control

    Found this Jeep Easter Egg yesterday while using ACC this appears when ACC detects a car in front of you.
  8. So How's The Real World Highway MPG?

    Stock JLR is getting 20mpg give it take .5 mpg.
  9. Off Road Pages Update Status...

    I got the update earlier in the week and it had my Uconnect jacked up for a day. But after that every thing works good now. So give it a day or so before you think the update ruined your Uconnect.
  10. Off Road Pages Update Status...

    My update showed up on the 2nd page I had to drag it to the first page to make it Handy. It also has a delay like the assist and the sos feature.
  11. Off Road Pages Update Status...

    Well I got my off-road pages for my 2019 JLR today but now my Radio constantly reboots when I plug my phone in to use Android Auto. I hit the assist button to tell Uconnect but that doesn't work either.
  12. Off Road Pages Update Status...

    Ok looks like a misunderstanding when they said the week of the 15th I thought that was the 15 was the end of the week but they meant this week. So someone should call before the 21st I was told they have the issue fixed and are going to push an update this week. I didn't ask if was jusy for me...
  13. Off Road Pages Update Status...

    We the 15th came and went no ORP and no call from Uconnect. The Odd thing is that THEY CALLED ME and said that this would be fixed on the 15th and someone would call me and make sure. I think tomorrow I'll give them a call and see if I can just take it to the Dealership and hay them do something.
  14. Off road pages. It’s time

    Hit the U on the 8.4 Uconnect screen you should see it.
  15. Jeep JT Gladiator to Wave or not?

    Jeep wave the Gladiator, Yes or No and Why.
  16. Off Road Pages in 2019 UConnect?

    My 2019 Rubicon had ORP for 1 day while it was on the lot soon as I did my satellite radio stuff it went away. Called Uconnect they tried to help me get it back but referred my case to someone in engineering I got a call from Uconnect that they were going to try to fix it this week and someone...
  17. Off Road Pages has arrived via OTA software update!

    Seems like the they should replace the cell unit in your Jeep if it's not getting updates.
  18. Off Road Pages Update Status...

    So my case was forwarded to a Uconnect engineer the person I talked to only delt with Uconnect not sure if it was an engineer but they said they have figured out what the problem was and an update of the week of the 15th should fix it and she would call me back to make sure it was updated.
  19. Off Road Pages Update Status...

    The story they gave me was pretty good. I post back if it's fixed or not after the 15 of December.