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  1. 2.0 owners, what MPG are you averaging?

    I think that’s what I rode when I was in Neftyugansk Russia back in 1992.
  2. Anyone know of any 2.0L teardown videos?

    Let's use some logic. That engine has been out for a while. Lots of miles, lots of owners. If it was just using the incorrect oil, then we'd be seeing lots of posts of people ranting that their engines blew up. Not just there but here. This is a mass produced engine for the general public. Thus...
  3. Anyone know of any 2.0L teardown videos?

    Correct. The block is the same, just a different design for the head and thank goodness it's not multi air. Those things are a pain when they have sat for a long time. You got to crank on them for like 2-3 minutes for the oil pressure to build up and then it'll fire up. Obviously, the starter...
  4. Sometimes it’s the small things that trigger my OCD

    My OCD. This bridge we hiked over in Lauterbrunnen had studs that could have been double nutted and the studs cut off.
  5. Aux Battery.....Yep.

    The problem is, people are paranoid about their warranty across any forum when it comes to mods. In the end, if it was a real problem, then the top 10 posts would be things like this: "I put 35's on my Jeep but the sun visor broke, they voided my warranty." "I put a RV tow bar on my Jeep and...
  6. Fridge in the cargo area with rear bench up

    I was feeding a family of four. You could do it for much less dry ice. The prep ahead of time is key. As for dry ice, look into a place that sells things like welding equipment and gas. Then get a cheap styrofoam cooler to get it from them. After that, transfer it with oven mits into zip lock bags.
  7. Sometimes it’s the small things that trigger my OCD

    Move to Switzerland. You'll be happy. Especially with the stacking of wood. Just search "swiss wood stacking" and you'll see. You can be out hiking in the alps and see a stack of wood out in the middle of nowhere. It's perfectly stacked.
  8. Fridge in the cargo area with rear bench up

    Look into what truckers do. Many use coolers that they ride with. Another option is to locate one of your existing coolers elsewhere and get dry ice. When I had my Eurovan, I got a Pelican cooler at a great deal. I'd just buy dry ice, store it in plastic bags, then vacuum pack and freeze my food...
  9. Do Stock Springs Wear Out?

    Springs either sag or break. The sag is because the spring rate goes down, thus the vehicle gets lower. Some vehicles are prone to springs breaking or sagging. That's because the manufacturer used a super cheap supplier. For example, older Toyota minivans will break the rear springs. Old Chevy...
  10. And he walked away. Black ice reminder

    I was thinking this was going to be a Diamond P Production.
  11. Buying take-offs without TPMS - can I add them?

    Like I've said, I've seen this a number of times where on Jeeps and a few other vehicles, people remove the TPMS sensors and put them on their new wheels. Sell the old wheels and the new owner had no idea that the sensors were not there (mostly they don't know to ask). Best ones are the people...
  12. Carpet missing

    On black Jeeps, you never see it. It's not a flaw, just the way it is on being cheap by the manufacturer.
  13. Buying take-offs without TPMS - can I add them?

    Jeep went from Schrader to Conti for the OEM supplier. Thus the change in 2021. There was no way Conti was going to make it the same as Schrader. Toyota is a PIA with some as there are "high line" and "lo line" versions for some models. What I find is that Schrader and Conti (aka VDO) are the...
  14. Chevy’s Answer to the Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler

    What? You mean we are not all driving around in things like this today? Here's your Blazer:
  15. Chevy’s Answer to the Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler

    Your prayers have been answered.
  16. Buying take-offs without TPMS - can I add them?

    I will give you some real world experience. Problem is this. I'm guessing the seller of the wheels removed the TPMS sensors. Since they are rubber snap in ones, they are easy to remove. I bet the seller had a place break down the outer bead, use a small torx and removed the TPMS sensors, yet...
  17. 2.0L Water Leak

    I don't know. I have lots of tools (way too many) and since i grew up as a mechanic, I just keep trying.
  18. Modding the front of my jeep

    Thanks for the intranets because "Happy Jeep Grille" comes up with this.
  19. Modding the front of my jeep

    The duke boys moved up to a 997 GT3 Cup car. Plus, I work on it. So call me Cooter.
  20. Modding the front of my jeep

    So, something like this?