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  1. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    @Lee Woiteshek What is the dealer? The best I have seen prior to your post is from Laura Ford in Sullivan at $2k under msrp.
  2. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    I haven't 100% decided yet, but I am definitely leaning Bronco at this time. I would have already bought a JL if not for the issues. I even rented one for four days and the steering was horrendous. Their response and lack of an apparent across the board solution has kept me at bay. The...
  3. St. Louis MO

    I always buy my tires online and have AutoTire mount and balance. They charge me $20 per tire.
  4. Calculating % off MSRP correctly?

    Yes. I would get a quote from Criswell , Kim at Superior (they are in Arkansas and not THAT far), etc. Also as I mentioned above, check out Laura Jeep Ram Dodge in Sullivan Missouri. The prices they post without ANY negotiations are better than the deal you are at right now...
  5. Calculating % off MSRP correctly?

    Look at the recommended dealers list. Get a couple of quotes, then take that to your dealer. In general, St. Louis is one of the worst places to buy a car. I have traveled for several of my last purchases and have saved thousands over what anyone would do here. A few people have had success...
  6. Honda Accord - Zero....Jeep JL with hitch mounted skid plate - One

    This same thing happened to me when I was in my 2001 TJ. I was sitting still behind an F150 when I just happened to glance in the rear view. I see a small car coming at a high rate of speed and the only thing I could do was push hard on the brake. This girl hits me without even tapping her...
  7. 2018 JL Sport 2 door deal any good (?) $38.7k MSRP ~ $32.6k offer

    I saw a 2019 two door hard top manual everything for $23k today.
  8. Towing 2 jet ski's with 2DR JLUR on 37's?

    Obviously not the same vehicle but I used to tow a double jetski trailer loaded with a Kawasaki 1100 ZXI and a 650sx with my 1991 YJ with 4 cylinder. If THAT can do it, your JL most certainly can. The trailer would "push" me if I didn't start braking early enough but there really was never an...
  9. Who “Carries” While In Their Jeep?

    Lol, screw THAT noise. If I can't legally carry somewhere I'm going or they have metal detectors, it stays in the vehicle. I'll be damned if I'm going to spend a day unarmed because of one location.
  10. Who “Carries” While In Their Jeep?

    Every day, no matter where, no matter what. At this point it is second nature and I feel naked if I'm not armed. I usually have my M&P compact in a Galco Double Time (set up as a belt holster). I generally only carry one full size reload.
  11. Firearm and knife collectors

    I had a similar tragedy. To make matters worse, it was at night, I was disoriented, and I have no idea of the location it happened at.
  12. For an extra 5K I should have gotten a Rubi but....

    Here you go, a manual Rubicon on a dealer lot for under $40k. Eta: This is in Missouri and they only have a $199 processing fee. https://www.lauracdjr.com/new/Jeep/2019-Jeep-Wrangler-8f18b0b60a0e0ae72ea76cc5e9983a47.htm
  13. Where to put my 4 Door hardtop in college

    These guys have no imagination. Step 1: Find chick that lives nearby. Step 2: "Date" above mentioned female. Step 3: Store hardtop at "girlfriends" place as needed. Bonus if she is hot. Problem solved.
  14. Stumbled on a great price for Cooper M/T 35x12.50 tires

    I generally avoid junk mart but while searching for tires I found these 35x12.50R17 Cooper M/T tires for UNDER $210. Seems like a great price for a set of Coopers so I thought I would pass it along. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Cooper-EVOLUTION-M-T-35X12-50R17LT-121Q-Tire/539048623
  15. New Rubicon for 42k

    Laura Automotive in Missouri has Rubicon trim for under $40k.
  16. 2019 JLU Sahara for 60k tax in after upside down trade

    Why not try selling the F150 yourself in order to minimize the financial hit? Also, do you have CarMax up there? IIf you don't want to sell privately, they would probably give you more for the truck than a regular dealer.
  17. St. Louis MO

    I have never personally used them, but several people have recommended Tire Bargains down in Crystal City. https://www.tirebargainscc.com/about/lift-kits.aspx
  18. Letter from Jeep offering extended warranty