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  1. I'm Finished

    I bought my JLU Willys Edition 2.0L with Technology, Safety and Advanced Safety packages 16 months and 12k miles ago. Never imagined or had so much fun with any ride in my life. Drove to Moab last September and did a short offroad in Arches before tackling Shafer Canyon Road, a three-hour...
  2. You Had One Job

    At the San Mateo (CA) Truck & Jeep Fest today, if you were displaying a tent on a new Bronco, would you jack up one side? The Bronco owner would keep rolling over. Maybe that’s the way they like to sleep.
  3. California HELP! Need Your GMRS Antenna Mounting Recommendations for '21 JLU

    I have ordered the Midland MXT275 GMRS RADIO for installation on my 2021 JLU. Need recommendations on best antenna, location of antenna and best mounting bracket. Any photos of your installation will be greatly appreciated. With an upcoming trip to Moab, I need to get this set up. THANKS
  4. Bad Ass or Fru Fru?

    Only six months into Jeep ownership, and with my 2021 Willys Sting Grey JLU, I love the Bad Ass look for the Willys. Then I saw the reflections of my wife's Nasturtiums on the side of our house, it looked like wildflower camouflage. Definitely not Bad Ass, but a cool decal effect for someone...
  5. Found my Willys

    After months of research, looking for exactly what I wanted on dealer lots near and far (I'm in SF Bay Area), I found my new 2021 JLU Willys Edition, in Sting-Gray with 2.0L, and Tech, Safety and Advanced Safety packages. Learnings: Best prices I found, in Las Vegas, either had 3.6, Diesel or...