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  1. DEF IND Recall, Y81

    Under the parts section It mentions a DEF injector needed.
  2. Have a diesel? Have a Tazer? Please vote!

    I talked to him about 8 months ago and he said it’s possible and was planned. I think he was waiting for a test vehicle. Hope to see it soon.
  3. California TopLift Pro For Sale

    FYI will fit in the back of a JLU with seats folded down. Just pull the pins and break down into two pieces. Great price and great piece of equipment to have in your garage. Good luck with the sale!
  4. Lift kit of JL Ecodeisel

    Another vote for the Clayton 2.5 Overland kit. Great on road and off-road.
  5. Does the auto start stop system put more wear on motor

    Mine hasn’t done it for the past 10k miles…love the Tazer. 😂🤣😂
  6. Utah Brand New Unused Motobilt Front and Rear Crusher Bumpers $700

    Great seller…Mike is a straight shooter.
  7. FNG

    Great choice…now the fun begins!
  8. Banks Power - Exhaust, Intake, Tuner

    Did you receive it? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.
  9. California L.O.D. Off-Road Problem *Resolved*

    I ordered through Northridge too and while some of the order was in stock one piece had to be ordered and was drop shipped directly from LOD. I had everything in less than 30 days. Love my LOD stuff.
  10. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    Great set up...super clean. I think I would have gone this route if I had that bumper. I found one on the lot with everything I wanted except the steel bumper so I pulled the trigger and went with a LOD. I think the orange flatlink is a stretch but every now and then I think I can see it...
  11. Which do you think was the most "iconic" Wrangler?

    Love my JLURD but the TJ will always have its place and lucky for me I still have one to wrench on.
  12. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    To all the Snazzleberry Rubicon’s out there...any thoughts on a Factor 55 flatlink color? The Rubicon outline on the hood has an orangish color when clean (rare). Anyone try the orange flatlink?
  13. DEF Usage

    I refilled mine last night for the first time at around 3,700 miles. I was 300ish miles from a restart. 2.5 gallons filled it up to 3/4 of a tank. I was thinking maybe it wasn't topped off on the first fill but after reading some on here my use seems somewhat typical.
  14. Key FOB: one or two with new Rubicon JLU 2021>

    Could be shortage but have you checked the bag with the manual? I was walking out and realized I didn’t have a 2nd key and they had it in the bag.
  15. Sale on Jeep parts?

    Nothing but positive things to say about Northridge. Given the state of the industry their site is great with accurate information on availability and they are fantastic if you need assistance with questions.
  16. Got my GPCA hand grips

    Hope you can make it work...good luck and keep us posted
  17. Got my GPCA hand grips

    Now that you have had it awhile...thoughts? How accessible is the pouch with the roof on?
  18. Cleanest Phone Mount Solution

    I just used the universal phone mount and the grab bar flange with coupler but I think they pulled all the grab bar options at this time
  19. Backup Park Assist Alarm question

    My sensors are angry after putting new wheels on today. I think I can just disable the with the Tazer but what options are available with change? My Tazer is in route so can’t play with it...just curious? “Enable/Disable/Change Parksense configuration”