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  1. DIY - AEV DualSport XP Suspension installation

    This is awesome! Thank you!
  2. AEV 2.5 Dual Sport Lift / 35s & 37s

    The wheel/tire combo is much heavier than stock and something you'll certainly notice. The weight difference is significant and required an upgrade to the tire carrier. For reference, I'm now running XR 392 Beadlock capable 12mm offset wheels with Baja Boss M/Ts. On the other hand, the torque...
  3. AEV 2.5 Dual Sport Lift / 35s & 37s

    Timely question OP as I’m looking at the same lift. I put 37s on my 4xe without any rubbing issues (turn to turn) on the road, but a lift is necessary to give those tires room to breathe. I’d love to hear from people who have run the AEV and other lifts to get their thoughts.
  4. Anyone with a 4xe running a Clayton lift?

    Overpriced for a 1" lift, but at least it would be warrantied.
  5. AEV Salta for JK on JL

    How far would these stick out vs the JL Salta XRs?
  6. XR Wheel Beadlock Rings - Traction Off Road

    Interested in a flush mount option. Also, are there grooves on the other side of the ring (on the area that makes contact with the with tire)?
  7. Bender's 2022 392 Build

    Beautiful. Did you go with -25mm offset on the Olympus Wheels?
  8. Considering Gen3 raptor…. Thoughts/experience?

    Ran a Power Wagon before the JL and drove a buddy’s Gen 2 Raptor. Lovely trucks and much more comfortable than any Wrangler I’ve been in. Other pros: ability to haul stuff and both can be taken on the trails if they’re wide enough. Cons: maneuverability off-road, terrible gas mileage (Raptor...
  9. For folks frustrated with the FORM issues

    Read your manual where FORM is explained and what’s required to clear it. It’s a hybrid, not a Tesla. Jeep isn’t hiding anything.
  10. Steel Cable or Synthetic (rope) Winch Line?

    If my winch line ever broke, I’d want it to be synthetic.
  11. Does the 2023 XR 392 arrive at the dealer without flare extensions attached.

    Your name should be on the build sticker. Should be easy to figure out.
  12. Foglights - white vs. amber(photos if anyone has from inside jeep pls)

    I’d agree that it’s probably not worth the extra cost for the Max version. IMO, the Amber version contrasts nicely with the brightness of the headlights by softening the led color temp, however, you’ll notice the yellow output of the fogs. I’ll try to take pic the next time I’m out at night.
  13. Foglights - white vs. amber(photos if anyone has from inside jeep pls)

    I have the SS3 Max Amber fogs on the factory steel bumper and don’t regret purchasing them at all. Zero led induced eye fatigue and incredibly bright without blinding others. Amber significantly cuts through the glare of snow/fog vs white light and the light spread on the SS3s is impressive...
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Changed the oil and front/rear diff fluid. First time doing the diffs (13K odometer) and glad I did given how dirty the oil was. Super easy and saved a ton of $$ over the dealer.
  15. Recall of 62,909 Jeep Wrangler 4XE -- For Possible Engine Shutdown While Driving

    Misread by me, it says the fix is to update the vehicle control software in the recall notice. 😑
  16. Recall of 62,909 Jeep Wrangler 4XE -- For Possible Engine Shutdown While Driving

    I don’t want to give off the impression it’s the norm, it’s not. That said, myself and another forum member experienced this exact issue after our respective dealer service centers botched an update and bricked the battery. The plus is Jeep replaced our batteries, but took both of our 4xes...
  17. Recall of 62,909 Jeep Wrangler 4XE -- For Possible Engine Shutdown While Driving

    I’m thankful there isn’t a software fix. Dealerships have been known to brick 4xe batteries while attempting to apply updates…unfortunately.
  18. Best Brand Level II charger for 4Xe?

    Definitely check with your provider for discounts or credits. Highly recommend the ChargePoint Level 2. It’s worked flawlessly and the app is amazing.
  19. Added the Xtreme Recon fender flares to my 4XE

    Couple of questions: What tool are you using to remove those rivets? And what is the part numbe r for the replacements? Appreciate the help!