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  1. 2 Door half doors

    I usually use a Velcro strap and tie my rear seat belts to the roll bar. Not quite as effective as removing them, but they are available when needed.
  2. 2 Door half doors

    The bestop fabric doors were on the TJ. I would say they were pretty bad on the highway. They would flap, whistle, start to pull open at top by windshield. I took alot of time bending and fitting them to the jeep. Had them bent in to where it was tradeoff of how tight they were at the top vs...
  3. Hinge gaskets on 2022+ models?

    Maybe the gaskets have more to do with being able to adjust door for closure/fitment?
  4. Am I the only one to go with a manual winch?

    I got the wyeth-scott 3ton with synthetic. One of the main disadvantages or safety concerns I have is that it puts you right in the line of fire if something breaks and comes flying at you. Just something to keep in mind. I don't do difficult trails. I don't go out with intentions of using...
  5. Painting Half Doors

    Sounds like yours may already have been re-painted if the bolts and hinges match the door.
  6. 2020 JLUS S Brake Lock Diff

    The only problem I see is, I don't think they make a truetrac for the new JL diff's. I put truetrac's in F/R on my TJ.
  7. iPhone 14 and 14 Pro gain satellite SOS for off-grid emergencies

    This is a good thing, but I think T-mobile is coming up with a better solution by teaming up with starlink that won't require a special antenna in the phone and will work with current devices and won't have the aiming difficulty. I think they are going to try and start rolling it out around...
  8. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    This also assures that all 4 tires are exactly the same pressure too. 👍
  9. Motorcycle versus Wrangler

    I just noticed one similarity so far in some of the posts on here. There are several of us that have given up bikes and got jeeps and seem satisfied. I wonder, if you check out a bike forum, are there guys who are giving up jeeps for bikes and being satisfied? 🤔
  10. Motorcycle versus Wrangler

    I get what you are saying. I was just talking to some guys at work yesterday about bikes and jeeps and I told them, I will always miss riding a bike. There just isn't anything like it. I got my first jeep as a consolation when I gave up my street bike. The jeep is a totally different...
  11. 🇺🇸 Let Freedom Ring – Jeep Brand Recognized for 20th Consecutive Year as America’s Most Patriotic Brand

    I like it that Jeep isn't afraid to display the American Flag and are still mostly made in USA. I work for an American manufacturer and even some of our product goes to FCA. It's nice to be able to support the home team. I'm also proud that the 8sp auto transmission in my Grand Cherokee and...
  12. Factory extended warranty worth it?

    I would say no. Under what's not covered on my 8yr/85K max care plan THE PLAN WILL NOT COVER, OR APPLY TO LOSS OR EXPENSE RESULTING FROM: • Exterior - tires; trim; name plates; appliques; body sheet metal; glass; plastic lenses; paint; bright metal; bumpers; side-view mirrors (glass/...
  13. Anyone think Jeep will move to IFS in 2023?

    Funny you mention that. It was going for a ride in my brothers tracker with the top off that pushed me and my wife to get our first jeep.
  14. Honest Question: What's the big deal with half doors?

    You might try going to a dealer and see if they have a jeep with the premium top and see what you think about the contrast to yours. I agree with the other response that for me, the uppers are only on when it rains or is cold out. So my uppers are usually only on for a little while and then...
  15. Anyone think Jeep will move to IFS in 2023?

    I think a lot of people were disappointed with the re-use of the blazer name, but not as much as Pontiac with GTO. Some icons should be left alone or given proper treatment like the bronco.
  16. Anyone think Jeep will move to IFS in 2023?

    I think bronco sales went up after the OJ thing, but I don't blame them using it as an excuse and saying they wanted to step up to something bigger. We can all speculate and conjecture what and why, but in the end the bronco died and Jeep didn't. My guess is the obvious, that they were...
  17. etorque start-stop not working after removing engine battery

    It could be something as simple as the HVAC settings. The instrument cluster should say this if it is the reason, but will only show if you are on the Start/Stop page.
  18. Anyone think Jeep will move to IFS in 2023?

    Trying to get this thread back on track. I think there has been a big and simple oversight about SFA vs. IFS. History has already proven and answered this question for us as a FACT and not just someone bloviating. The ford bronco came out with a SFA, they changed it to an IFS and it died. It...
  19. Anyone think Jeep will move to IFS in 2023?

    I'm good with that. I knew I was taking a small shot at the bronco. Wasn't really thinking about a specific year, more of the 4 door soft top and few other features. I actually saw an older bronco, probably 70s or 80s going down the road the other day. Totally restored and lifted. Looked really...
  20. Anyone think Jeep will move to IFS in 2023?

    This topic has been discussed for decades. It always pops up every so often. The problem I see is the customer base is changing. With higher demand of more people wanting to identify with the Jeep lifestyle, Jeeps have gotten so expensive. It is not practical for many to have a $40-50K...