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  1. Rusty's suspension

    I have an AEV 2" spacer lift with JT Rubicon Fox Shocks and a bonus burning my pocket :) Looking at real lift options now. I have Rusty's tie rod and drag link and really like them. His suspension options look really good to me too. How come almost nobody use it on this site? Is there something...
  2. California Sold: Well used rubicon wheels and tires WITH TPMS 450/OBO

    FS: Well used rubicon wheels and tires with TPMS. 2 tires have good thread 2 have acceptable:) and spare is bold. I think all tires except spare have plugs but don’t leak any air (proven by the trip to Moab and back) all wheels are scratched. Prove to your friend that you drive a real off-road...
  3. Poison spider trail question.

    Planning my trip to Moab this summer right now and have a question about Poison spider trail. If I don't have time to do whole trifecta (Poison spider, Golden spike and Gold bar) do I just go back on Poison spider once I finished the trail?
  4. Quadratec false advertising

    From time to time I get Quadratec advertising windows in this and some other forums and every time I click on it the actual prices are much higher. For example below the actual price of the top wheel is 189 and the bottom one is 169. What is the point of this false advertising? Just to generate...
  5. WTB: Rubicon rear axle

    Looking for a reasonably priced rubicon rear axle. New crate axle can be had for ~2300 with tax and delivery. Looking if I can find used one for less.
  6. California Want to buy: Rubicon rear axle

    Looking for a reasonably priced Rubicon rear axle. New crate rear axle with tax and delivery is ~$2300. If you want to sell me your used one for less, I'm all ears :)
  7. Price of Rubicon axles.

    Don't want to hurt anybody feelings only trying to understand :) I'm looking to replace my sport axles with rubicon ones, so I'm constantly scanning classifieds and various other sites. A lot of times I see used axle sets go for 4500-5500 and posts under original listing claiming that its a...
  8. California Sold: FS in San Diego: Premium twill JLU soft top $450

    It's a soft top season in SoCal, hurry up and get yours :) As title says :) FS in San Diego JLU (4 door) standard Soft Top with tinted windows in great condition. Updated version of the soft top with green tabs $650/OBO. SOLD For Sale: premium twill soft top in good condition, everything works...
  9. California Tan JLU soft top in SoCal

    Looking for a tan JLU soft top in San Diego area or not extremely far away :)
  10. Noob looking for company at Big Bear around July 4

    Hi, I going to be at Big Bear from July 1 to 5. I really want to try Gold Mountain trail, but I'm a total noob. I did several easy and intermediate trails in Anza Borrego and around San Diego, but thats it. I have a JLU Sport (so no lockers yet) with Rubicon lift and tires and a winch. Anybody...
  11. California FS: Rear cloth seats. (not just covers) $150

    Edit: Front seats are gone. Rears are still available $150 FS: Full set of black cloth seats from JLU Sport, Jeep has about 9k miles and seats are in great condition. $750/OBO
  12. Any reviews of Rugged Ridge XHD Rock Sliders?

    Any reviews of Rugged Ridge XHD Rock Sliders? https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07K8FR8G9/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_5?smid=AIJP7UMTW4R7L&psc=1 Kinda like the looks and price is OK, But are they functional as actual rock sliders?
  13. Sold: SOLD: JL Tazer mini light in San Diego

    FS: JL Tazer mini light $175 shipped. Edit: Its Unmarried
  14. ROCK HARD 4X4 Front Control arm skids.

    Any reviews of ROCK HARD 4X4 Front Control arm skids? I think they are the only ones who makes bolt on front skids for control arms. Is there a reason nobody makes bolt on ones?
  15. Trying to identify Uconnect 8.4 FACRA connectors

    Trying to figure out the color codding of different FAKRA connectors on Uconnect radios. Top picture is 8.4 unit that I got. White connector is obviously radio antenna and Red is camera. Now i'm trying to figure out what is grey and blue? Also there are at least 2 versions of 8.4 radios, what is...
  16. Roam slimline front bumper question

    Installed this bumper some time ago and really like it so far. Just installed an X20 winch. Had to slightly elongate mounting holes for it but it was not a big deal. Thanks @TTEChris for hard drive magnet idea for solenoid, very secure, might leave it like this permanently. One concern that I...
  17. iPad pro mount for rear passengers

    Needed to entertain kids on a long trip and could not find a solution for a relatively heavy 12" iPad pro. Got an idea how to do it almost at the last minute, so execution is not perfect :) But it works very well even on very rough dirt roads and it would work for pretty much any tablet. Pics...