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  1. REIGN Wrangler JL club

    Ordered on June 21st. Got a VIN the next day. Still waiting, but if I have to wait for good quality, then its ok.
  2. Mudflaps recommendation!

    Will any fit an XR equipped JL?
  3. Has anyone run regular octane gas in their 392?

    Make sure if you mix the race gas in that it is unleaded. Some high octane race fuel uses lead to boost octane numbers. Just a tip.
  4. Earl and Reign Colors Now Available to Order. First Official Photos!

    According to my local dealership, they can order it now. I am not sure what "late availability" means :)
  5. Elevation With XR Package

    Newbie question here, so don't shoot me. Just ordered a 392XR, and I was checking the height specifications. It says 74.5" to top, but is that on a regular JLU? I think the XR package must add about 3.5" to that? If anyone knows, the information would be much appreciated.