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    Agreed, but they made the mistake of having using projecting light for DRLS, if they had stuck with just the markers and not headlamps and such, then people wouldn't be "fooled" into thinking their lights are on. I probably see 3-4 every day on my way to work, people driving with no taillights...
  2. High Altitude Confusion

    With a name like High Altitude you think it was designed for mountain top off-roading. :) Maybe they should have called it High Attitude.
  3. The OEM LED light package is dangerous in snow.

    Put some halogens in the fog light sockets. The LEDs in snowy conditions just make it harder to see anyway, the blue/white light reflects off the snow.
  4. Inexpensive way to add power AND improve fuel economy! Nope!

    So you're saying the Electric Turbo, that suspiciously looks just like a fan inside my computer, is not going to help? ;)
  5. Adding a house key into JL key fob

    is a house key that big you can't just carry it. put one in your wallet? I keep the key FOB on a key ring, attached to a carabiner, and I keep my house key and my mom's house key on the ring., The FOB is pretty big anyway, so I don't want to carry it in my pocket.
  6. Lease buyout

    Yes, call the lease company first to find out, they may do it all online/mail, as @TheRaven said, it depends on the state if they can do it direct. Apparently here in Florida they cannot, and we had to go to the dealer to buy out my wife's Challenger earlier this year. Talk about a headache...
  7. Explaning ESS to a middle schooler

    This is where I think the savings is mostly lost for the consumer. I highly doubt I saved $120 in fuel using ESS, than I did replacing my ESS battery after 2 years, which is again apparently in need of replacement but not causing issues. At best, in my unscientific testing, I gain less than...
  8. Stellantis offering buyouts to many salaried Jeep employees

    I didn't say they would do it instantly or even in a short timeframe. But IF they wanted a ban on ICE vehicles, they would find a way to make it happen. They would convince the masses that mules are the way to travel if that's what it took.
  9. Stellantis offering buyouts to many salaried Jeep employees

    I don't disagree with you, I was more pointing to the current known facts, as these debates often move from what is actually proposed, to what someone read on facebook. The ban's currently, and I stress the currently, does not include commercial vehicles. The government is going to get what it...
  10. Stellantis offering buyouts to many salaried Jeep employees

    2 things. 1) They are not banning ICE vehicles from usage, just restricting the purchase of NEW vehicles. 2) This would make ICE vehicle more desirable by those not ready to make the move to EV, therefore increasing the resale value during the first few years maybe couple decades. It won't be...
  11. A different sun visor problem, or potential problem -- base is loose / wobbly

    Agreed, but I have noticed if I rock the seatback, back and forth once before pulling up on the latch, it seems to release the tension from the clasp, then the release pulls up effortlessly and without added tension that could lead to breakage.
  12. Elitist Jeep Owners and Builds - you do you and I do me.

    I've seen Jeeps like these and the owner approached me as I was getting out of mine and we chatted, I had to problem telling them their choices "were not in my taste, but that they had created something unique in style and that's cool." I've only ever had one take that as a negative and went...
  13. Is fueling the Wrangler.. supposed to be really weird?

    As Aldo said, the filler tube has some play, not as rigid as other vehicles I have owned. I've had issues with nozzles shutting off when the pump was inserted too far, tends to be more of a problem in colder weather for me (South Florida, so colder being under 60 degrees F), but it does seem to...
  14. ⚡️ 2024 Jeep Recon EV Revealed! (Off-Road Capable BEV) *** ⚠️ WARNING: NO POLITICS ***

    I think on the charging front, that in the next decade, wireless charging will become common. Many people still have the mindset of a gas station fill-up concept, but with EVs, there could be charging pads in parking lots at most stores, which give you a little boost while just running your...
  15. Dash settings keep changing

    4 years now mine has done these things, along with inching up on the speedometer a couple MPH each start until after 5 or 6 starts it resets to zero. The dash cluster presets tend to return to normal after a few restarts.
  16. Vulgar, Funny or not..

    I found it somewhat confusing and busy, could be because it came up sideways on my screen. and I didn't even see the FUCT part until the 2nd or 3rd read. But most of all, I don't put stickers, decals or anything on any of my vehicles as a personal preference, and think most end up just being...
  17. Cheap Lug Nuts and Air Impact Wrenches - A Cautionary Tale

    I watch guys all the time try to drill into steel at high speeds, pushing and twisting, cussing and spitting. Drilling into hard metals at slow speeds is something I learned in shop class in 7th grade. :) Lugs are especially tedious and boring. Congrats and getting it done.
  18. Renting your winch for 30 seconds

    Most likely BMW found it was more cost effective to include the seat heaters in all seats, and plan on a certain percentage of people paying the fee. to just increase it's overall revenue. It wouldn't work for all things, particularly true add-ons (IE: Winches). As someone mentioned satellite...
  19. Earl and Reign colors officially coming this year (late availability)!

    My wife had one that color...Was "Plum Crazy". Not big on purple myself, but it looked amazing on the Challenger, she named him "Barney". Some colors just work on some vehicles, while it doesn't on others.