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  1. New update for 8.4 Uconnect radio

    2020 JLUR here and no OTA update for me yet (I checked the version # on my system).
  2. Flashcal Ignition + macOS Venture 13.1 Compatibility ?

    No luck on my end with updating the FlashCal. You can see in the image below I have the FlashCal mounted but the Ignition software is not able to connect to the device! Would love to see a resolution as I am blocked from updating this myself currently.
  3. Flashcal Ignition + macOS Venture 13.1 Compatibility ?

    Thanks! I will also give it another try here soon, just incase it was an issue with my local environment. Will update.
  4. Flashcal Ignition + macOS Venture 13.1 Compatibility ?

    Thanks! I would really like to update my FlashCal to the latest version.
  5. ⚠️ Announcing New Member’s Marketplace / Classifieds Section Rules

    On Rule #2 - I would recommend it be required that the piece of paper in each photo: Have the users username and date written on it in black marker / pen. Be crumpled up then flattened back out such that it is easy to see that the username and date have not been photoshopped. There are some...
  6. New fox shock squeaks. Is it normal or I need to get a new one?

    I went through this awhile back with Fox, as long as the shock compresses and rebounds fully it's likely that you will just need to lubricate the shaft of the shock with a rubber safe lubricant - which did work for me! Apparently the shaft seals on some of these shocks are tight which causes the...
  7. Aev or Terraflex/falcon stabilizer?

    My vote is for the thru-shaft stabilizer.
  8. Warn Zeon Clutch Lever Lock Retrofit

    Quick Update: I used my winch yesterday to recover the Jeep and the clutch lever on the new end housing assembly did not move at all! So, the issue of the clutch lever moving under load appears to be resolved with the installation of the newer end housing assembly.
  9. Flashcal Ignition + macOS Venture 13.1 Compatibility ?

    Today I attempted to update my Flashcal F5 using the Ignition program. I noticed that the program would not connect to the FlashCal once I plugged it into my computer. Ignition used to connect to my FlashCal just fine on my Mac when I was running macOS Monterey, so there might have been a...
  10. Super disappointed in tires

    That is me in my old JLU going up the hill at the 3:50 mark of the video! Backstory: There was a water leak that caused a layer of ice to form on that road. Earlier in the morning it got me going down the hill (I was going like 5mph) had a good slide for about 20 feet going down the hill, I had...
  11. Mopar lift bowed springs - One coil rubs on tie rod

    Personally I think it's a problem if the spring contacts any part of the vehicle it is not supposed to contact.
  12. Mopar lift bowed springs - One coil rubs on tie rod

    It must be the combination of RK pads and/or RK springs then! To me when coils are designed for a lower weight application and installed on a vehicle which exceeds their weighted capacity, you would see bowing like this. @rubiconman can you contact RockKrawler and see what they say? I am sure...
  13. Mopar lift bowed springs - One coil rubs on tie rod

    Very odd indeed... If your axle is centered then perhaps; 1. The RK pads are defective. 2. The RK coils are defective, or incorrectly labeled (made for a lighter weight application). I would think #1 and #2 are unlikely but not impossible.
  14. Mopar lift bowed springs - One coil rubs on tie rod

    Are all the suspension components installed torqued to spec in the below photo? 1. Notice the angle of the sway bar link, this would suggest that your axle has shifted severely to the drivers side of the vehicle!
  15. 2.0 coolant leak at 10,000

    I removed each of the two bolts individually and applied thread locker then tightened it down.
  16. A new customer to Jeep and already disappointed! Received Xtreme Recon wheels with 10 bolts (instead of advertised 25 bolts)

    I brought the correct bit and ratchet with me when I had my tires swapped. I took care of the 25 screws per ring and torqued each using a calibrated torque wrench too. Real PITA, but they look cool. No way I am going to trust someone else with those screws, way too easy to strip out a hole or...
  17. U-Connect “Update failed- please re-insert USB”

    You are correct, the update I posted is for a 8.4" not a 7", sadly, I am not aware of updates for the 7" being "in the wild".
  18. U-Connect “Update failed- please re-insert USB”

    Please read the first post of this thread: https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/heres-how-you-update-your-8-4-to-the-latest-version-without-bricking-it.82442/ On page 3 I provide a link to download the latest available update.
  19. Mopar lift bowed springs - One coil rubs on tie rod

    This is also very possible as well. I have not seen this combination in person, but the logic sounds right.