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  1. What are your best practices for maximizing MPG?

    My esave charge doesn’t work for s.h.i.t. I get 2-4% over an hour of driving on flat land at 55-70 mph. I don’t even try anymore. For <50 mile trips mostly highway I just use hybrid. For >50 mile trips lots of highway I switch between hybrid and esave using mostly electric at low speeds. My use...
  2. Wandering the Southwest for Four or Five months of Wheeling.

    Meet Kenya… she puked in my Jeep with 1500 miles on it after her first foray off-road and HATES camping. Of course mama feeding her pastrami sandwich didn’t help her tummy. That said, we went camping with the whole fam, wife and I snuck away after kids were asleep and leaving the tent just a...
  3. Insurance Premiums Going Bonkers? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I should expand, because I wasn’t 100% accurate in my statement in an effort to keep it simple. I am still worried how you posted is misleading to people that do not understand coverage. there is uninsured and under insured motorist property damage in certain states. these coverages are (in most...
  4. Insurance Premiums Going Bonkers? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Not picking a fight, but you’re 100% wrong here. UM/UIM is for injury damages, the other is for vehicle damages. The coverages do not overlap in any way
  5. Insurance Premiums Going Bonkers? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    The amount of misinformation and disinformation in this thread is alarming. But I recognize perception is reality for people. underwritting is not as nefarious as many of you make it out to be. Companies exist to make a profit, everyone slices that Apple slightly differently, but make no...
  6. SiriusXM Limbo, "How Low Can They Go?" (Pricewise)

    I bought last year for $78 for 1 year. It was $5 /month plus taxes and whatnot. I signed up only if they would select non auto renew. They called this year and I said it was the highest I’d pay, they started to ‘tell me the benefits’ of a higher price I promptly said, “not interested, call me...
  7. Didn't receive the badges in the package mailed to me

    Finally got mine! Only took 17 weeks I stand by that it’s not worth stressing - I will check into future trails but I will not be going Well out of my way for a badge until the program is more reliable.
  8. Living in Colorado buying out of state

    Bought in MO, they collected tax at time of sale and remitted to CO DOR. Was a dealership process and annoying as hell cause it took forever to get my tags. That said, one way or another you aren’t getting outta tax, and the first couple years are a bitch on registering. I think I was 1200...
  9. Didn't receive the badges in the package mailed to me

    they don’t respond if you email them. Waiting on 5 badges from 8/4- 8/5. First and only trails I’ve done. And now I’m done with BOH, not worth stressing.
  10. Third Row Seat Installed

    sure does
  11. Thoughts on road tripping a wrangler

    Longest trip I took was 800 miles. Wasn’t bad, but yes space is limited. For 2 + a pups, easy for 4 + a pups - gets tricky. Road manners are not IFS but they weren’t bad. Road noise was the biggest difference, I have a Rubicon with the Mopar insulated hard top, still a much louder veh inside...
  12. Jeep Dealers Suck *OR* What Happened To Basic Customer Service?

    Can anyone that works at a dealership explain to me why you continue to schedule service work when you can’t even touch the vehicle for a week? I understand part and labor shortages but even when I offer to wait a month to bring in my Jeep just to ensure it can be done timely I have no option...
  13. How do I get a loaner car while waiting for backordered parts to make my jeep safe to drive?

    Well they had my car for 36 days and we’re a 2 veh house with 2 drivers. A day here or there is easy, over a month was a b!tch. It took a lot of planning and several cancelled camp/wheeling trips. The latter made me the most mad, since it’s why I bought the Jeep
  14. How do I get a loaner car while waiting for backordered parts to make my jeep safe to drive?

    I went round and round with my case manager. All she’d tell me is “I’ll have to check my factory resources about reimbursement “ I asked plainly what normally gets approved and she would just tell me they will just have to look when I submit for reimbursement. extremely frustrating to be told...
  15. Denver area weekend warriors

    I’ll be hitting the trails this weekend… but maybe in a little different capacity 🎿⛷️
  16. Code P0E80 - Coolant Bypass Valve

    To reference mine - I found no errors or issues so took it into the shop. They told me the code was thrown solely because the coolant was low. This was also the cause of the water whooshing sound coming from under my dash - air in the line. Seeing that your coolant is on the ground, could be...
  17. Stellantis Prepares US Dealerships for EV / Electric Future. Goal: 50% of US Sales to be BEV by End of Decade

    Man, the hate for EVs is intriguing. Clearly ICE engines never degrade with time or use. I get it, you guys aren’t early adopters, but a lot of people are! Charging technology will get figured out just like truck engines that use to get 8 mpg now get 20. Infrastructure will get figured out, yes...
  18. Best Brand Level II charger for 4Xe?

    Ordered… will be a nice upgrade plus there is a decent chance my wife’s next car is an EV. I already have a 50a breaker and 6-50 plug ran to where I charge so zero extra cost with this, just plug and play!
  19. Best Brand Level II charger for 4Xe?

    @redracer any updates? Autel Cyber Monday sale for 397! About to click buy
  20. UPDATE SOLVED Electric Mode Unavailable Cabin Cooling or Heating

    Mine is going back in 11/28 for this and another issue, I’ll let you know, my guess is bleeding the system of air