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  1. Jeep Introduces Freedom Package for 2023 Wrangler to Salute the U.S. Military

    Which I could agree with (flipped image)- but it still says Jeep correctly. So either someone adjusted it and didn’t pay attention or that was done on purpose because they didn’t do about 10 seconds of research. Ug.
  2. Jeep Introduces Freedom Package for 2023 Wrangler to Salute the U.S. Military

    It was literally the first thing I noticed. On their own damn press release they have the flag backwards! Seriously, Jeep?! Did no one check this?
  3. Bronco Raptor reviews drop (embargo lift)

    Tell me about it. I just replaced both batteries and the rear axle on my 2020 Ruby. Wrangler owners should not point fingers at other auto makers when it comes to quality. My prior JL? Remember that lag weld issue on the frames? Or how about the 8.4 issue with randomly not working for days? And...
  4. Start/Stop not Ready, Battery Charging

    It’s your Aux battery. As stated, the batteries need to be tested separately. We had the same issue (I have a 2020 Ruby). Eventually the Aux dies completely and then it kills the main battery. It took about 3 months for the Aux to officially die and then it shot my main battery in about 24...
  5. Is the new Bronco good enough to make me want to switch?

    I’ll bite. I’m planning on getting a bronco later this year. I’ve owned 2 JKs and 2 JLs. All 4 have had their problems, so I figure it is a wash on the quality side. I’m just looking for something different and I think the Bronco or 4 runner fit that bill. The only reason I crossed off the...
  6. Is this brake light mods on spare tires legal on roads?

    I had this on my prior JL for years. Great mod and never had a legal issue with it (and im at the PD every week). You’ll be fine. But as another poster said- you might want to shop around. I remember paying less than $50 for it.
  7. Buying Off The Lot - Can I Request Removing Convenience Group?

    As everyone has said- you can’t remove it. I don’t know why you would, but it’s there to stay anyway. If it’s really an issue of cost- that’s your only play. But in this market- you may or may not have leverage.
  8. Tinted windows- yay or nay?

    Windshield. No. Side windows- I wouldn’t own a car without it.
  9. Any regrets on buying the 4xE?

    You and I had the same thoughts. I test drove one (I have a 2020 v6 Ruby), and it was reasonable. It’s not a sports car, but it was ok. Depending on what you are trading in- it could be better or worse than you expect. I drove a 4Runner and neither made me feel “exhilarated”. The issue to me...
  10. What would you do? Rusted brand new 392

    That’s exactly what I was seeing. Surface rust is even, and clearly there is that too. What I see is a case where water has been dripping down certain areas. Though heavy and consistent rain could have done this, it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that it was in some standing water as well.
  11. Stop/Start Not Ready-Battery Charging

    I can tell you that I’ve had 2 JLs and both had both batteries die within 3 years (closer to 2, actually). They are crap batteries.
  12. 2023 Jeep Wrangler Ordering Now Open! (Earlier Than Expected)

    Crazy. I bought my ‘20 Ruby fully loaded with every option and paid $54k. What a difference 2 years makes.
  13. 2023 Jeep Wrangler Ordering Now Open! (Earlier Than Expected)

    Typically the dealer is the best option. Usually after about a month or so, the site changes. They usually try to wrap up current orders before changing over to the next year on the site.
  14. 22 wrangler order date, vin and actual deliveries.

    If it helps, I can assure you this verbiage is cut and paste for almost all automakers now. I am on the Bronco forum and orders are taking years (yes- year+year). I looked into a 4Runner TRD Pro, 8 months out. Fact is, it’s a mess out there.
  15. What is your voltage at?

    And just because I ran into this in real time- I can attest to this. My voltage was running in the 13.9-14.2 range for a while and then I got the message that ESS was disabled for battery charging. After about 2 months of this, I decided to take it in to check. The Aux battery was dead, but the...
  16. What did Santa Bring for your Jeep this Christmas?

    Finally the wheels I wanted! Thank you santa!
  17. Doug Demuro Reviews Jeep Wrangler 392 Xtreme Rubicon

    I’ll take my beating- but I’ll just say what I think of the option- meh. I think he sums it up best by saying that it doesn’t stand out from any other jeep. If I had seen that out and about, I wouldn’t have done anything but wave. They needed to set this one apart like the Raptor does. Everyone...
  18. Texas Sold: 2020 Rubicon Rims $200

    No scratches, no issues. Had them On until today. Pick up in Mansfield preferred (DFW area). Not wanting to ship, as the shipping would be more than the rims. Let me know if you have any questions! price includes all 5
  19. Texas Sold: 5 wheels and tires off 2020 Rubi - $600

    Swapping out my wheels and tires. 22k miles on them. All 5 included as is. They should be available this week (just need to take them off and get the new ones on). 1 has less than 2k miles, and they just recently rotated the spare. No searches or dents. Pick up in Mansfield area (DFW). Let me...