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  1. Atlas transfer case

    I need a cold shower now.
  2. Fumoto Valve

    I clean the hose out after oil changes and keep in a heavy duty ziplock back in the rear cargo area or glove box.
  3. Fumoto Valve

    I have the Valvomax and like it. No issues at all.
  4. 392 Death Wobble @ 13,904 miles on the ODO

    There are a few threads on the issues that folks on here have had with both sectors and my local shop has also removed them. I’m not a steers smart fan for a few reasons not saying they make bad stuff I just don’t like their designs. I like solid bars not 2-3 bolted together.
  5. 392 Death Wobble @ 13,904 miles on the ODO

    What fixed your DW or are you still avoiding potholes?
  6. 392 Death Wobble @ 13,904 miles on the ODO

    I use to want a sector brace but the feedback from the folks I know that have them hasn’t been good. Bad experiences with Steersmarts and Synergy braces (old and new versions). What’s wrong with the MC trackbar?
  7. 392 Death Wobble @ 13,904 miles on the ODO

    How are the tires? I’d start there especially with the weather change. These Jeep’s are so sensitive to tire wear and balancing.
  8. New Lift - drive shaft broke - need your opinion please

    If you need a good shop in DFW go to Lifted 4x4 off business 121. Gary’s the owner and my neighbor. He does all my work and will price match discounted parts. Just moved to a bigger shop so they can powder coat.
  9. Common JL Problems

    Coolant leaks aren’t only 2.0’s and battery dying goes past the 2018’s.
  10. 4xe charge port repurposed for ARB air compressor chuck

    Great minds think alike. Looks great! I plan on adding an outlet, gauge, and usb charger there as well as the air but still collecting parts.
  11. Texas Rear Dana 44 Axle shafts OEM Non Rubi

    Bump offer me. If your bearings are a squeaking this is your way to quietness lol
  12. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Added my logo to my wheels on my endless de-badging journey.
  13. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Went to our family cabin in Lake City, CO for ten days. Did the Alpine Loop and Old Carson this past weekend. Jeep did great!
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Got sick of stuff hitting the sides of the Jeep so I added the Rokblokz mud flaps. I might trim them down at a later time but I’m good for now.
  15. Who Rotates 5 Tires?

    I need to be better I only rotated in my 5th once in a year and a half.
  16. All Terrain Tires for Fuel Economy

    Love my nitto ridge grapplers
  17. Diesel is at $6.29 in my hometown

    I’ve budgeted my Semi's at 6$ for years and have rolled over the leftovers in to my fleet expansion fund but that has flipped as of lately.
  18. Terrible Death Wobble…Please Help

    I didn’t read every post but I’d bet it’s your tires if they are the original ones. Running them in the mid 20’s is pretty low so the wear is probably screwed up and won’t improve by airing them up to the mid 30’s thousands of miles in. I change my PSI by the season. My tires are Nitto RG and I...
  19. Just got rear ended

    I would consult a lawyer that specializes in accidents for my area. I wouldn’t go on record until then. You want your jeeps history to be clean.