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  1. 2024 Model Year - Mid-Cycle Action (MCA Refresh) - Predictions for JL?

    That seems counterintuitive…the base Uconnect (Uconnect 3 I believe) doesn’t have HVAC controls in my model (2018). Does the new Uconnect 3 have that? Or did you mean it’s trickier on the base model Wrangler? I guess what I’m really wondering is this: what is the easiest way for me to get...
  2. 2024 Model Year - Mid-Cycle Action (MCA Refresh) - Predictions for JL?

    Anybody know about swapping the old base infotainment out for a new model with car play? Every time I drive the GFs fancy German car I sure do enjoy the car play…
  3. 295/70-17 on stock Sport

    Fair point, I had aftermarket bumpers.
  4. 295/70-17 on stock Sport

    I’ve had no rubbing at full lock either way. I have also not done any heavy off-roading so I don’t know about full suspension travel with them.
  5. 295/70-17 on stock Sport

    If you look at my earlier posts you can see pics of my Sport with 295s, with MOAB takeoff wheels (same as Willys I think) which don’t rub. It would look slightly different with the Rubi suspension and fenders of course.
  6. 295/70-17 on stock Sport

    I have a stock sport. I did buy a set of MOAB takeoff wheels. I didn’t not experience any rubbing even at full lock. See my previous post for details.
  7. Bestop - Supertop Ultra for JL

    Hi, well, now is much later. Any love for 2 door owners? Thanks.
  8. "Service 4wd system" indicator light

    Nope. I wish I would’ve thought to take a picture of it.
  9. "Service 4wd system" indicator light

    2 door Sport, 3.6, 6 spd, LSD…just got the Serv 4WD light this morning on a coffee run. Didn’t come on again the next couple of trips. I have previously checked the fuses. I haven’t used 4WD since the last snow (maybe 2 months). I’m going to put this in the bucket with the Engine Start/Stop...
  10. Resale?

    Thanks, makes sense. I might be in the market for a second JL which is why I ask.
  11. Drivers side sub woofer mounting idea

    I still kept the full woofer in the back:
  12. Resale?

    Hi, I’m curious now, in late January of 2022, how the resale market is for these. We all know that the market in general for new and used vehicles has been greatly inflated due to chip shortages etc so I’m curious if anybody has researched if that also applies to diesel wranglers. Thanks.
  13. Pennsylvania Factory Rubicon Rock Rails 2 door

    Where in PA?
  14. Uconnect 3 5” Apple Car Play?

    Reviving this thread. If I buy a Uconnect 5 out of any JL will it work in my ‘18 Sport? Thanks!
  15. Key fob not detected

    That’s exactly what I was thinking since they are 3+ years old. Thanks.
  16. Key fob not detected

    That is so helpful thank you so much.
  17. Key fob not detected

    Good suggestion, thanks. I’m going in for my 20k service in the next couple of weeks anyway so I’ll have it done then and if it gets worse in the meantime I’ll use the spare. BTW is the battery replacement user serviceable?
  18. Key fob not detected

    I just had this problem this morning on my 18 Sport. Same key fob I’ve been using since I got it brand new. I haven’t used the spare. It took me two tries of pressing the start button with the key fob to get it started. I just figured that with the key fob battery being over 3 years old...