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  1. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I don’t know from a personal ownership, but two of my work colleagues have owned LRs in the last year. One had a buyback offer after dealer was unable to repair engine noise issues after 90 days in the shop. The other colleague has one with the supercharged motor…loves it but has spent many...
  2. Death Wobble Settlement Agreement in Class-Action Case Could Mean Reimbursement for Some Jeep Owners

    How generous - they will replace a $50 part that will help mask a MUCH more significant underlying issue. This is a joke. Attorneys made some good $$$ however. A real win would be the same type of warranty for paint bubbling.
  3. Best way to stop a thief from towing your Jeep?

    And don’t forget to unchain it before driving away😳😳
  4. Best way to stop a thief from towing your Jeep?

    Chain it to a parking light concrete pylon.
  5. Trade in Values tanking

    Because demand slowed…Model Y was no longer price competitive and supply was ample…and profit margins were excessive. Sound familiar Stellantis?
  6. Trade in Values tanking

    Aside from slow sales, dealers are stuck with inventory that is rapidly decreasing in value. Let the great dealer purge begin!!!
  7. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    A Range Rover? And you thought Jeep had issues. Hope it goes better for you than the other people I know with RR….
  8. FCA US Reports Q4 and 2022 Full-Year Sales Results For Jeep Wrangler

    The Wrangler is a high margin product for Stellantis…but affordability and the value proposition is waning for all of the reasons already mentioned. I just priced out a BMW x5 45e plug In hybrid…nicely equipped…$75,000 less a 7,500 tax credit. This is only slightly more expensive than a loaded...
  9. Test drove a Mach-E GT the other day...

    Absolutely. Until a robust and reliable charging network is implemented in the US, Tesla is your best bet. I owned a Model 3 a couple of years ago and liked it except when traveling. On interstate at 80mph the range is about 175 miles in moderate weather, less if it’s bitterly cold. That...
  10. If you had issues with the Bubbling Paint...let's get together

    I find it interesting this continues to happen. Tesla, which is known for poor quality paint jobs does not seems to have any problems with paint adhesion to aluminum on its vehicles. Apparently the cost to address the problem must be higher than the cost of a few warranty claims.
  11. Safety Recall Alert! 2020 Jeep Wrangler Fuel Supply Line

    I’m glad you’re ok. That could have been a bad situation. I had a fuel line failure before the recall…they addressed very quickly. Good luck with your fix…
  12. Rubicon has gone up $5000 since 2021?

    The escalating prices of Wranglers has less to do with inflation than supply and demand. People want these things for perceived lifestyle benefits and Stellantis knows they can charge more. . I keep thinking high prices will cause demand destruction, but that has not happened yet. The...
  13. Rubicon has gone up $5000 since 2021?

    I did the same thing today…. about 9,000 more than my 2020….about 17% more for the same thing. They’re making a ton of money on these things; approaching luxury car prices for something that is far less complex to build. The value proposition is becoming very questionable….especially with...
  14. Death Wobble Poll

    Road force balance your tires. That fixed the 2 second steering shake I started getting from expansion joints. After that you’ll need to start replacing parts beginning with the steering stabilizer and then the track bar. Very frustrating.
  15. OEM Steel bumper damage

    I am wondering it it might be worth the $175 investment to purchase the Metalcloak OEM steel bumper reinforcement brackets. I am debating….
  16. Damn that's Cold! Windshield washer line (I suspect) burst

    Drove to work in nearly whiteout conditions in Wichita yesterday morning… minus 6F and 45mph winds. Not sure how you folks up north handle this on a regular basis. Sure like the strong heater on the Jeep…heated steering wheel is especially nice!
  17. Who is adding Heet (or similar) to their unleaded?

    -23 actual or windchill? Fuel is not affected by windchill.
  18. Dependabilty of E-Torque

    No problems in 3 years/29,000 miles with 2.0 e torque. The smooth startups are great. Most of the e torque system is warrantied for 8 years….