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  1. 2 Door with 2.5 inch lift - Are adjustable rear control arms needed?

    I added TeraFlex’s upper rear control arms to adjust the axle on my 2.5” TeraFlex lift.
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Stones, rocks, mud, snow, salt, sand, etc. Keeping that crap off the Jeep is beneficial. Especially the stones and rocks.
  3. Feedback requested in tire options

    Toyo’ are a very good tire. Should serve you well in Florida.
  4. Finally found something I hate about my Jeep 🤦‍♂️

    Most hated thing about my Jeep up to now is the payment!
  5. Do you get unsolicited compliments on your Jeep?

    There was a young couple walking and she yelled nice Jeep as I began my right hand turn. Gave them a thumbs up and enjoyed the smile it put on my face. O|||||||O
  6. Rear axle longevity (carnage pics)

    Tons should have been standard or at the very least an option from the factory. That’s a lot of power.
  7. Lets see those sexy 2drs (pictures zone)

    Now remove the front bumper end caps. 😉
  8. 2 door Bronco

    Gladiator off roading lol!
  9. Why Are People So Quick To Get Oversized Tires And A Lift?

    My 22 JLR is my daily driver and weekend warrior. It spends more time on pavement then on the trail. I contemplated leaving the suspension stock for a short while before adding a 2.5” lift and 35’s. Why, it’s more capable and I do love the look. When I am able to hit the trails you never know...
  10. What Did You Get For Christmas?

    Arriving after Xmas but for Xmas on Tuesday: Midland MicroMobile 15W GMRS Two-Way Radio with Integrated Control Microphone.
  11. 4 Hi Auto on my wife’s 4Xe Sahara is amazing in the snow

    Not in my experience. 4 Hi part time traction was better. Traction at fast acceleration was immediate and the ass end stayed straight. My wife in the passenger seat even commented on it. It seamed to push and pull the Jeep with less effort and basically instant traction.
  12. 4 Hi Auto on my wife’s 4Xe Sahara is amazing in the snow

    Driving home last night turned onto our street while still in 4 Hi Auto and accelerated somewhat aggressively. The road is snow covered and loose with some sloppiness. It went well, then I dropped it into 4 WD part time and it definitely hooked up better. But as a set it and forget it option...
  13. 4 Hi Auto on my wife’s 4Xe Sahara is amazing in the snow

    Just have to say that 4 Hi Auto on my wife’s 4Xe Sahara is amazing in the snow and I wish my Rubicon had it. That is all.
  14. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    Where are you going to mount the rear license plate?
  15. 2.0L Water Leak

    At least you have a loaner! Many cannot get one.
  16. How do you pronounce 'Willys'?

    It’s pronounced “Not a Rubicon”.
  17. What's in your backyard for Christmas

    Took the long way around to rub it into us northerners that your weather is superior right now and ours sucks ass didn’t ya’?