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  1. Police Jeep

    Parking enforcement uses Jeeps in DENVER.
  2. First Oil Change too Early?

    You could change it every 50 miles or 30 minutes of driving you could change it when the light comes on you could change it at any point in between. your decision in roughly 15 or 20 years, there will likely be very few new vehicles that will require oil, let alone a change of oil. So, we can...
  3. Fins and Things Trail Moab 4x4 Adventure - mostly-stock JLUR

    I ran it completely stock (rubicon). Some scrapping. There was one section maybe 2/3rds through that had a wall on the left and was very narrow and steep on the way down. Mirror had to be very close to the wall to get down. Not my cup of tea. The jeep didn’t care. It yawned. But I didn’t...
  4. Now The Wife Wants One!

    Sounds like a major win to me. my Wife (5-foot-nothing and 110 pounds) wants to trade her Mini Cooper S 4 door for a 2-door jeep “soon”……
  5. Was Car and Driver paid under the table to write this Bronco vs Wrangler comparison article?

    If in their opinion, the results came out the other way, would you be suggesting payola From FCA? No? I’ll bet somebody on the Bronco board would have though.
  6. Considering buying my 16 year old a brand new Wrangler High Altitude

    My first car was an old rust bucket Ford. I loved it because I worked to buy it. Most of my friends were the same way. I do recall that the parents of one of my buddies bought him a new and fancy car. He adored it. He died in it in less than 23 months later when he was ejected after smashing...
  7. Stubby front with nylon wench.

    when I first read this and saw that you lived in a mountain-west state, I didn’t believe you. So, I looked it up and was surprised to read that you are seemingly correct — Utah doesn’t allow stubbies… https://www.lawserver.com/law/state/utah/ut-code/utah_code_41-6a-1632 thanks! I learned...
  8. Interesting new dealer revenue scheme

    I have come to really dislike dealerships. All car manufacturers need to figure out a way to kill their relationships with these swarmy businesses (not easy to do — or even impossible — in some states) in favor of “factory direct” stores. Dealers suck. They are slimy. And they impact the...
  9. Stubby front with nylon wench.

    Do you own a JL now? Do you have the steel bumper? If so, you can make it a stubby by removing a few bolts. Looks good too. if you like the OEM steel bumper, you may be able to find a take-off one on this board or elsewhere cheap as chips……. You may need a few bits if you are replacing the...
  10. Stubby front with nylon wench.

    My wife was wondering when i was gonna buy a wench. She is ESL. I told her that I already had one. She was confused. WARN make good winches and winch plates I’m told. As does harbor freight Badlands, and Quadratec. Easy install into OEM steel bumpers. Consider a cutoff switch if you want...
  11. I sold my wrangler to Vroom, and here's why...

    @kingpinJL …… assuming that you didn’t throw a bunch of mods at it, you made a $10k profit (minus some sales tax and a bit of interest) in one year, on a ’depreciating” asset on which you drive 13k miles. To me, that’s a huge win. Don’t look back. Just smile all the way to the bank
  12. Garvin utility rack

    @JohnP is a member here….. you may be able to ping him too.
  13. Garvin utility rack

    I have this one and it’s amazing. (Shelf, top shelf, and brackets). Utterly love the thing. A number of members here have it too. 20 minute install. I have a 4-door with a hardtop though. john, the owner, is a terrific guy. He indicates on the website that they are working on a 2 door...
  14. How important are heated seats to you?

    My wife loves heated seats here in CO. I think that heated seats and steering wheels are nice to have but I rarely use them And often turn them off when they automatically kick in. I would buy a vehicle without them and my wife would acquiesce.
  15. STFA / Do we have it in the 392?

    This Silly Tire Fill Alert is just that. Silly. Why not just use a pressure gauge? More accurate and easy. No buttons, no programs, no horns, no flashing lights. Just a simple effin’ gauge.
  16. Lifestyle Trails (A.K.A. “Trails for Pusses”) — list them here!!!!!

    thanks for posting. can you add anything about the “lifestyle“ aspect of this trail? Hiking, fishing, unique geology, fern, fauna? some pictures? A rough description of the trail where it is, etc. see example formats from page 1-current.
  17. TFL compares the 4Runner to JL Willys Sport.

    i bought a jeep because I wanted one. But I bought it suspecting that, in a few years, it would fall apart thanks to FCA’s craptastic reputation. MANY folks, including many jeep owners, who do the kind of “off-roading“ that I do (see the trails for pusses thread) — suggested I that I buy the...
  18. TFL compares the 4Runner to JL Willys Sport.

    Including me. when I bought, I wanted a Jeep (first time owner) but also looked at the 4Runner TRD thing. I view them as “similar“ for many of the uses that many consumers would look to buy them for.
  19. 4.0 2004 compared to 3.6 2022

    This board is full of extremely good info. issues of this and that, etc, as you would find on any enthusiast board like this…….. but to my eye, seemingly very few reports of death wobble on the JL.