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  1. XR 392 Lower Control Arm Length

    Front LCA length is the exact same for All Rubicon models including 392 and XR packages. (Ex, 392 XR LCA length = standard Rubicon LCA Length = Rubicon XR LCA length = 392 standard LCA length).
  2. Jeep Smash and Grab

    Jeep’s rear passenger window got busted into last night (Charlotte NC) and they stole my med kit and air compressor… is it easy to get in the door panel and remove the broken bits of glass? Has anyone had any problems with a company replacing their window?
  3. White Xtreme Recon Build

    Added the Metal Cloak rear diff skid. I also swapped out the factory stock Rubicon rock rails with the Mopar Performance Rock Rails.
  4. XTREME RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    No. Same as standard Rubicon, you still need to go buy the MOPAR Lift ectended LCAs
  5. White Xtreme Recon Build

    Ceramic tinted the windows with XPEL, 35% Front (NC legal limit), 20% sides/rear.
  6. Tinted windows- yay or nay?

    Yes. Went with the Ceramic XPEL tint, about $600 for everything minus the front windshield. 35% fronts (NC legal limit), 20% rears/back.
  7. Gupton roll call and updates on 2022 orders.

    Listen buddy... This is a high volume dealership and goes through hundreds if not thousands of orders. If you have been paying any attention at all to this thread or are just so naive to not search the forum you would understand that once your Jeep gets "delivered" (both jeep chat and your app...
  8. 2022 Rubicon XR Build Timeline

    Ordered 11/11, Delivered 05/03, picked up 05/23.
  9. Did 2022 orders from Gupton get delivered in a reasonable amount of time.

    They notified me of delivery 9 days after it got there, and then I just scheduled it when I did because it fit best in my schedule. As far as I know once they contact you, you can schedule for pickup the next day if you want.
  10. xTreme Recon wrong/long factory front bump stops?

    Saw this too… very interested.
  11. Xtreme Recon daily driver?

    Coming from a ‘18 2 door Rubi and a ‘21 4 door Rubi… the 2022 XR Rubicon is great as a DD! I get around 16 mpg and road manners are pretty good for what it is. Feel so much taller than everyone out there
  12. XTREME RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    Appreciate the pics and info! Hoping they will help avoid any door dings from idiot drivers
  13. XTREME RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    Any pics of anything with the performance rock rails, I’ve been debating on getting them
  14. Post your progress on Extreme Recon package here

    yes, 35psi all around for me is the sweet spot
  15. North Carolina Mopar Performance Rock Rails

    Yes, how much are you asking? / shipping cost to zip 28217?
  16. Different JL Rubicon Xtreme Recon question, i think

    I'm 6'0" and I Can get in my XR fine, but my side bolstering on the seats defiently takes a beating... I'm planning on adding the MOpar Performance Rock Rails for that "half of a step" to help me nd passangers get in and out a little easier while keeping the ruggid look.
  17. XTREME RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    That’s the one that comes with it