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  1. Kinetic rope?

    What is the wooden dowel rod for?
  2. Arizona Black Jeep Half Doors with Premium Uppers

    Single clock on the person's name you want to talk to, and then clock on Start Conversation. That will start your PM (Private Message). Good Luck!
  3. Arizona Black Jeep Half Doors with Premium Uppers

    If someone buys these and is interested in selling the uppers I may be interested. Alternatively, if OP wants to sell the uppers separately, LMK.
  4. Kinetic rope?

    Hell, IDK! My expert knowledge is limited to YouTube videos and using my winch one time to pull out a woman who go too close to the river in a Honda Accord! I defer to your experience...that big bubba rope sounds awesome. You can see the anxiety in his face as he's driving to a snow...
  5. Kinetic rope?

    Kinetic ropes are good for yanking someone out, not great for towing, (but can work tho). Tow straps are good for...towing, def not for yanking someone out. Winch needs its own set of recovery items like you mentioned. Snatch block, etc. My biggest takeaway from years of watching Matt's...
  6. Kinetic rope?

    Matt literally said in a video this week the 30ft rope is the better overall choice, because it's more flexy and can be used multiple times without having to let it rest, unlike the 20. Get the 30. Source: Am also an expert in automotive recovery and off road recovery equipment as a result of...
  7. 2023 Jeep vs. Curb, Curb wins.

    Love The Eagle. Thank you for your membership, and thank you (or your loved one) for your service.
  8. New update for 8.4 Uconnect radio

    Yeah...it's not THE WORST thong,,but I think I'm pretty well aware of giant red or white trucks with flashing lights and loud sirens. Also in the example from the article, if your kids are so out of control that you didn't see or hear an ambulance, you need better parenting skills.
  9. Insurance Premiums Going Bonkers? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Or the one that gives them the best commission.
  10. Insurance Premiums Going Bonkers? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Never gonna happen. Insurance is basically a commodity now, just like fuel, so the actual product differentiation is minimal, if not non-existent. Advertising differentiates your perception of the products, by "helping you not become your parents" or by "giving you the Patrick Price".
  11. New update for 8.4 Uconnect radio

    I got the new software. Here's the before and after shots.
  12. Insurance Premiums Going Bonkers? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    It's nothing personal, and it's not just Jeeps. Everyone's premiums will be going up. Cost to repair has skyrocketed, amongst many other reasons. It's not just your company either. Every company will raise rates.
  13. Tire suggestions

    We're all tempted by the Muds! I had BFG mud terrains for a while. Great in the mud or rocks. HORRIBLE everywhere else. If you spend any amount of time on the highway you'll likely regret mud terrains. Terrible traction, dangerous on the rain, loud. They're practically useless on the road.
  14. Texas Free 8/28 BNIB Diabolical Slipstream 4” & 8” Tops

    Did you sell these? If not, I'll take em. I'm in SA too.
  15. Tire suggestions

    Got to @Discount Tire and get KO2s. I've run about a dozen sets over the many years and multiple vehicles. Had one issue with one tire one time with sidewall cracking (bad rubber compound? Who knows why). @Discount Tire took excellent care of me, replaced all the tires, and I've never...
  16. 2 Door half doors

    Totally agree. Buy the doors.
  17. 🤳🏿 Motorola-MA1 / AAWireless (Wireless Android Auto Adapter Talk) 🤳

    I have recently noticed 2 intersections in my little Texas town, one in town, one just out of town, same "highway", and when I am caught at the light at either of those intersections, the MA1 just flat out stops functioning. I have had the same experience on i-10, in one particular place...
  18. Advice on Getting Naked

    2 piece
  19. Advice on Getting Naked

    I'm 6ft and 3 inches. That's one measurement not two. No head rubbing on the alien.