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  1. Stolen, time to start shopping again.

    This exactly. Yea it'll beep but if you hide that thing where they have to work to find it, that gives you that extra time to search for where it is before they find it. We do the airtags in our vehicles as well.
  2. Morris 4x4 - Rant about returns

    I'll shoot you a PM! :) -Julia
  3. Axle Swap on JLU Sport

    JLR/JLUR axles seem to be a lot more available on FB/CG/etc... Personally, I would find some take-offs and utilize those, especially for your application. You can always add-on (truss, chromoly axles, etc) should you want to get into more aggressive stuff but have a better peace of mind. -Julia
  4. Whats the real deal with 35's

    Yea, its wicked how capable these rigs are stock. I ran Kane Creek (to put it in perspective) 100% stock (but with a winch) in my JK sport. I eventually ran 35s (not regeared bc I was going to get new axles anyways) but I also did truss it for peace of mind and upgraded the ball joints. Did that...
  5. This Guy Thinks Harbor Freight Winch Better Than Warn

    It's a better to have and not need than need and not have piece for me so whatever you have and rock, awesome as long as it does the job you want it to. I don't have to use mine as much as an ultra4 racer thankfully so what I have, I'm happy to even have at all. I've had a Smittybilt and it did...
  6. 10% off Dirty Life

    You deserve some change. Dirty Life Canyon Pro, Theory, Roadkill Beadlock, and more 10% off 😍 LINK: https://morris4x4.sale/LGD Use CODE: DL10 at checkout or PM me and I can write up a quote :)
  7. Skid plates Aluminum V. Steel

    Howdy neighbor (larmier resident too). I have full steel on mine. There are the tidbits others mentioned but protection is protection. Rather have and not need then need and not have. I do some aggressive trails so the peace of mind is much needed. -Julia
  8. Who plans to own it for the long haul?

    Planning on keeping my JK for the long haul. The JK and the 4runner are the sentimental rigs in the drive that have a long list of things we still want to do with them. Sure you may get bOrEd of vehicles but luckily jeeps can be modified (with time and money of course) to meet your needs/dreams...
  9. Jeep corporate cancelled my price-protected sold 392 order after waiting 3 months, will never buy a Jeep again [Closed Due to Politics]

    Loling because most EarthRoamer owners register under a Montana LLC. Can only imagine the taxes on a $665k vehicle 🤢
  10. Up to $100 OFF!

    ⛄ Winter deals still coming it hot for these cold temps 🌞 Use one of the following codes to save big on your build $20 0ff $300+ | USE: WINTER20 $30 off $400+ | USE: WINTER30 $40 off $500+ | USE: WINTER40 $100 off $1,000+ | USE: WINTER100 LINK: https://morris4x4.sale/WinterForum *Some...
  11. Talk me out of a Gecko

    Nope never will talk anyone out of a gecko haha. It's my "rarity" (if you want to call it that) twin back during the JK color run. My buddy had the gecko so I couldn't match him although I was more so just trying to hunt for either color if any dealers had them. I like bold and I like being able...
  12. Pittsburgh, PA to Moab, Utah: TIPS & INFO

    I've done the trip from Cleveland to Moab/CO (now residing in CO though) many times. Jeeps has done the 24-28 hour haul 9 times. First trip to Moab with it we had a cooler that we'd just buy ice & perishables when we knew we'd use them that night or the next morning (after the years investing...
  13. Which mod is the unsung hero of your build?

    Wow, this thread is something to ponder. I'd say adding Baja S2's as reverse lights but wired to flip on via switch (small deal but makes such a difference at night and for helping work on rigs on the trails). My partner would say his crawl box. -Julia
  14. New year and more new parts!

    Aaaaah good question! There is no code stacking, unfortunately.
  15. Shredded Gears or broken Axle Shaft

    It is a lot more shredded because we had to drive it back to camp (at 25mph) to swap out the third member there. We had to tow it through a decent amount of the trail until we could slip off one of the shorter exit side routes. Still pulled the driveshaft for the drive but damn I'd be happy to...
  16. Help me pick a bumper

    I had a barricade back in the day and it rusted badly on my JK. This was years ago all while living in the rust belt. I got it covered under warranty but full transparency on my experience.
  17. New year and more new parts!

    Ring in 2022 with some fresh new parts for your Jeep! I've personally been doing the same in preparation for EJS/summer trails here in CO so take advantage! Note as always: Some products are excluded from this. PM me with any questions! VIP SAVINGS FOR A FRESH START ENDS 1/31/2022 $20 off...
  18. NEWBIE GRANDMA can't shift AT ALL from 2H to 4H!! What the...??

    My JK isn't a problem at all but my Mother's '18 JLU is an absolute PITA. She can't do it. And its a tough pull for me as well. I've been trying to loosen it for her but it'll take a bit also considering I'm 1200 miles away too. -Julia
  19. Yall know you want it

    Just in time for the toy drives and Christmas parades 🎄 *Does not have the company logo on it when received* LINK: https://morris4x4.sale/JeepChristmas
  20. Cyber Monday!

    Howdy fellow Coloradoan! Haha good luck finding that, if you do holler 🤪. Us being a supplier and not a manufacturer makes that close to impossible plus the materials shortages causing price increases is making some companies not even run a sale like GFC campers, and so on 😭. -Julia