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  1. Push Button Auto Theft

    Some of you know this — I suspect there are a few that don’t. https://www.ksat.com/news/defenders/sapd-car-thieves-using-technology-to-hack-key-fobs-steal-vehicles
  2. Narrow Fenders Stock 33s

    Anyone have any pics of narrow fenders on a Rubicon with stock wheels and tires. I like the width of rear fenders but don’t like the big flair of the front. Yes I know the tires sling a bunch of stuff.
  3. Mopar Sun Bonnet Soft Top

    Anyone try this ... https://www.mopar.com/en-us/store/accessories/product/82215392AB/Sun+Bonnet+Soft+Top.html I bought one. Hasn't arrived yet, but looks like Mopar bikini top for the JL, no?
  4. Scissor Jack Replacement

    i had the pleasure of using my stock scissor jack in the garage yesterday. I wouldn’t trust it on the trail or even road side. Is there a good replacement for it that can still be stowed on board? I don’t want to tote around a huge high lift jack.
  5. Auto Start Bug When Going into Park?

    Not your typical Auto Stop/Start discussion. I don't mind it mostly. When I pull into garage, put foot on the break, engine stops. Put Jeep in Park, engine starts ... Um, no, that's when I really don't need it. Anyone else observe this, and I don't want to take my jeep in, but is there...
  6. Alien Sunhade Mesh Shades Installed

    I had the rear for about a month. The Cherry Red color is back in stock on the front. Alien Sunshade does have a product that covers from front to back, but I thought the two panel product looked a bit more finished. Rear Install was very easy. I tried to install the front without putting the...
  7. Quadratec Pre-Order on Frameless NX Soft Top for JL

    Haven't seen this listed, excuse me if it is old news. https://www.quadratec.com/categories/jeep_soft_tops/soft_tops/frameless_soft_tops Indicates Shipping on Dec 24th. (Fingers Crossed ... but not double crossed)
  8. Hardtop Vs Soft Top on the Trail

    Curious. Many videos of folks on the trail seem to be of jeeps with Hardtops. Is this a matter of preference and comfort, or an artifact of folks that tend to film themselves on the trail and the types of Jeeps they own. I live in South Texas where we have more warm than cold. All my other...
  9. Are there ANY JLU Bikini Tops Available Anywhere?

    I've been searching for a Bikini Top for my JLU ... everything I find is for the JK which I know won't work if it connects to front window as it is much different ... any luck anyone? I know it's gonna be winter, but I live in South Texas - it is almost never winter.