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    My 18 JLUR black leather seats are good. My 21 JL Sport S black cloth seats are ok. My 22 JLR black leather seats are worst. Additionally, the first yr. JLUR door panel where your fingers go have a finishing piece of rubber that the 21 and 22 don't. Bet they saved less than 10 Cents on that...
  2. Arrived this morning, my new 392! BUT...now they make me wait....

    I ordered an 18 JLUR and 18 JLR ASAP they were pretty hot stuff at the time. The magazines and UTUBE had us lathered up good. They promised to keep both in the back away from the drooler's and call me immediately as I even wanted to see them come off the truck. The JLUR came in first and...
  3. Paint colors not available??

    I was at my dealership today. I was getting ready to pick up my Earl Wrangler I was told lucky as they can only order black, white, silver and gray as of last week has anyone else heard this. crazy. Has something to do with pigments or something. I've been waiting for the 23 Ram configurator...
  4. Anyone else have issues with their Pentastar?

    I have 3 JL's each with the V6 Auto. Have not had those issues. Each has it's own particularities. I can't complain about the Pentastar other than wishing for a little more power.
  5. Winch install on stock Rubicon with factory steel bumpers and tow package, how much front end sag?

    22 JLR V6 Auto Hard Top. Warn Zeon 8,000 installed went from front slightly higher to slightly lower.
  6. Did they lower the redline on the 3.6L?

    My 18 JLUR, 21 JL Sport S & 22 JLR have the V6 Auto and tac that starts reading red at 6500 rpm.
  7. 2022 Wrangler Rubicon - Identify part and reason? Factory error?

    Not found on my 18 JLUR, 21 JL Sport S or 22 JLR. All 3 have V6 Auto.
  8. Jeep Politics (Not Political) :-)

    Quote: Waving Jeeps or non-waving Jeeps I wave at every Jeep (unless I'm picking my nose) get about 50% return. I wave at every new Bronco too..................................................................0% return.
  9. New Rubicon - Hood Decals stay on or decals come off?

    I ordered an all white 18 JLUR Immediately removed everything including the sticky Jeep letters. I ordered an all white 22 JLR and decided to keep the Rubicon and Jeep lettering. I like the extra 10 HP.
  10. 2022 Wrangler Rubicon - Identify part and reason? Factory error?

    It looks like a part that might help prevent the infamous crash test roll-over, where the front wheel gets pushed under the rocker and flips the Jeep... Added: Is there a part number stamped on it? Maybe it's a "Tire Deflector Bracket" P/N 68596661AA (Discontinued) Oh good, I'm not the...
  11. Buying Off The Lot - Can I Request Removing Convenience Group?

    Be aware that the remote start function is only free for the first year. It is part of the UConnect Remote Services package and will cost ~$150 a year after the first year. Neither my 18 or 21 cost additional subscription and if my 22 does I'll sue.
  12. Jeep crashed, what should I do?

    What should we do? IAny advice is welcome. Skip 22 & 38 even 9 go straight to 357.
  13. What's Wrong With This Wrangler?

    It doesn't say what kind of Jeep it is ?
  14. White, Silver, Sting-Gray or Granite? Convince Me

    Picking up a new 2022 2-door. The only thing left to decide is color. If you own a white, silver, sting-gray or granite, do you love it? Hate it? Tell me why. If my ordered & delivered 22 JLR had been available in Billet it wouldn't be white.
  15. Would You Order a JL Again?

    I ordered an 18 JLUR and 18 JLR in 12-17. The JLUR was delivered 5-18 dealer screwed me out of the JLR same month cause he could sell it for more. Bought 21 JL Sport S off the lot 12-20. Ordered 22 JLR 3-24-22 delivered 5-14-22. Best build quality is the 18 then 21 last 22. Mass produced...
  16. 22 wrangler order date, vin and actual deliveries.

    Did you order something very unusual like RHD? What does your dealer say? My bet is earliest 23 order bank starts late August with late November delivery. Maybe a new color or 2 but if you're after a V6 auto I wouldn't wait. Good Luck
  17. 22 wrangler order date, vin and actual deliveries.

    3-24 signed for all white JLR V6 auto without deposit 3-25 order went in 3-28 VIN received 5-12 JLR arrived at dealer 5-14 picked up at dealer 6% off invoice had to finance, rejoin TL & $599 doc fee Yes, I recommend Mike Clinnin at Mall of Georgia