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  1. What is the normal engine temperature?

    I have a 2020 Sport 2.0. I've had it for 2 years now & just these past couple of weeks, the fan seems to be kicking on if I'm parked, w/ the engine running, waiting to pick my kids up. I checked the temps yesterday, & my coolant temp was 237, and transmission 192. I meant to check my coolant...
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Finally getting around to finishing up my DIY insulation. Had to sit for a few (bad sciatic nerve pain) before I finish the middle pieces.
  3. Military/Veteran Theme Jeep Action!!!

    Years ago, I had a white YJ. I went to Lowe's and bought a bunch of OD spray paint & painted it. Being a Marine vet, I decided to stencil the hood. For as simple as it was, it got compliments often.
  4. Michigan 2018 Sport Unlimited JL - Moderate Budget - Maximizing Wheeling

    Great build!! I'll be following! I'm originally from Moline, Michigan. I've always wanted to go wheeling @ Drummond Island. Here to see how the D30 holds up!:rock:
  5. Teraflex ball joint question

    yes, they're hubcentric. I'll re-torque them tonight when I get home. Thought I read 110 somewhere.. Thanks!
  6. Metalcloak Front Track Bar Reinforcement Bracket

    After reading all through this, I just purchased the MC track bar bracket and the sector brace. I'll be installing those ASAP, as I feel like dw is slowly going to hit me..
  7. Teraflex ball joint question

    I meant to get back on here a few days ago & offer thanks to all those that commented & helped. Yes, the bottoms are flush against the knuckles. Not gonna lie, pulling those old ones out kicked my butt!! Definitely turned out to be an all day job in my garage. But, I saved hundreds doing it...
  8. Teraflex ball joint question

    So I'm replacing mine today. The old ones came out and definitely needed replacing. I put in the bottom bj & then the top. After I got the top in, I noticed the grease zerk orientation was backwards and it doesn't look like the joint is seated properly.. Can I remove the brand new top joint to...
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Today, I finally got around to finishing the front interior. For the interior "ribs" I used some sort of tape from home depot. I then used 15# Velcro to attach some insulation to the panels. I surrounded the insulation with car ceiling carpet. Before I fastened it down, I spray painted the...
  10. Install quote seems high?

    I plan on replacing mine with the Teraflex HD joints soon. Getting all my tools prepped. I've seen a couple videos. Some remove the 36mm hub bolt, & some don't bi don't think it's even on my teraflex instructions. Is this not a necessary step? Also, for the gear oil, is 3qts enough?
  11. Headliners that aren’t hotheads

    I'm in the process of making my own. A little bit of insulation and some sort of adhesive stripping along the indentations. After it's all fitted up, I plan on wrapping the insulation with a headliner fabric I picked up off of Amazon. So far, the noise reduction is a little better, but the audio...
  12. Are "Expensive" Tires Even Worth It?

    I'm pushing 30k miles on my 37" Kanati Mud Hogs.. I'll be replacing them soon. I've been considering some A/T's for my next set, but I've always just loved the look of the mud tires on Jeeps. Mine spends 90% of the time on the road. The Kanati's have worn evenly, and are actually on the...
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    was it easy to wire them into the turn signal?
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    What marker lights are those, and are they hooked up to your turn signals? I've been wanting to do something like that with mine. Seems that those small LED blinkers on my flat fenders just aren't bright enough & nobody seems to notice them when I'm making turns.
  15. Rear window tint

    This is probably the route I'll go. @T4STE That blackout kit, while cool, just isn't quite in my budget..
  16. Rear window tint

    I'm currently installing a diy hardtop liner. While I'm working on it, I wondered about tinting the rear windows even darker. Like, as dark as possible. Has anyone else done those pre-cut online tint shops? I NEVER use the 2 side rear windows. I've actually considered just painting them...
  17. Thoughts on Rocker Skins?

    Dude, "rocker skins" are not for the cosmetic effect. While cruising through a "rock garden", or something of the sorts, those sliders do exactly that. Slide over the rocks. They protect your sides, and provide a pivot point if you don't already have steps or sliders.
  18. HELLA YELLA Wrangler JL Club

    No action pics from me. Been super foggy in the mornings lately.
  19. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I did mine last year through the top. Super easy.
  20. Beware the frozen key fob!

    I had the cold fob incident this morning. I forgot to lock it @ take the key inside last night. My 1st thought was that I was glad it wasn't stolen. There's been people lurking a handful of our neighborhoods lately & checking door handles & stealing vehicles and/or items inside them. It was...