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  1. Any recourse? Jeep altered order configuration after order was placed and accepted.

    they will go a step further. I ordered the optional floor mats. They changed the build and deleted them, as they were out of stock. I didn’t mind as I just wanted the jeep and could add them after. But they did change the build and didn’t tell the dealer or myself. being on this forum though I...
  2. Need help with Sahara 4xe pricing - NorCal

    Awesome - best of luck!
  3. Need help with Sahara 4xe pricing - NorCal

    Hey there. Also in NorCal. Agree with checking Ratberts spreadsheet, but also highly recommend working with Rob of Tuttle Click in SoCal. he’s currently at 4% below invoice (around 6% below MSRP), but only has a $85 doc fee and doesn’t require financing. Also factor in cost of shipping if out...
  4. Remote Proximity Keyless Entry (GXD) vs Remote Keyless Entry (GXM)

    I know this has been on here and am failing with the search, so sorry to bring this thread to life. is it true that the “proximity” aspect of this (ie just put your hand on the handle to open the door) was added to all models in 2022? I’m specifically looking at a 2023 Willys 4xe and I don’t...
  5. Best method to hang JL doors in garage?

    Thanks for the help - ORC stowaway was delivered quickly with no issues. Here‘s the summer gear ready and waiting to go on in a couple of months: it also came with a couple of latches for the wall to lock in the doors, but haven’t decided whether to use them yet.
  6. Best method to hang JL doors in garage?

    Thanks - think I'll head in that direction.
  7. Best method to hang JL doors in garage?

    Awesome - thanks for the info, very helpful. So when positioned correctly these come out 18” or less than that? The other part I was curious about is the door edge where the hinges mount - there’s no rubbing on the stowaway holder?
  8. Best method to hang JL doors in garage?

    Yep - would go with them for full doors only but looking for half door solution too. Thx.
  9. Best method to hang JL doors in garage?

    Going back to an older thread but bought some half doors, so am looking for the best solution to hang both full and half doors. It seemed the hinge hangers had an issue on the full doors with the metal retention hinge hitting, so it’s best to have the ARC hangers (full doors) and the ORC hinge...
  10. Wireless carplay adapter for jeep wrangler

    wow that was a post from a while ago. Anyway - from 9 months ago it’s still going strong for me with no issues. My phone is connected to other things and it doesnt seem to cause an issue eg an iWatch
  11. Sadly, just gave up delivery of my new JLUR

    This is Delta Community Cresit Union‘s rates today. I’ve used them quite a few times (im in CA)
  12. Droning..... Is actually the SUB reverbing (Update)

    Not a solution, but if you haven’t already, maybe post on one of the facebook jeep wrangler rubicon 392 groups and see if Scott has any ideas.
  13. Factory half doors (dual door group)

    And now Hydro Blue is gone - will be even harder to find.
  14. Ratbert's Dealers Below-Invoice Spreadsheet

    He’s the only legit below invoice dealer in CA and has been on this forum for a long time. Think of it as more of an update as to where he is at currently on the discount - sometimes people misquote the wrong info across the forum.
  15. Weird “SERV 4WD” message “fix”…

    Right, but when it eventually does fail (eg if you’re close to end of warranty) at least you have evidence that it was an issue and they didn’t fix it. I’ve found it does help them “believe you” vs dismiss you. Just trying to be helpful from my experience. agree most of them are a joke
  16. Weird “SERV 4WD” message “fix”…

    now I always try to get a video of these things on my phone. At least then they can’t deny it’s even happening.
  17. Price increase 9/28

    This ^^^, and the dealer only has to select a box to trigger the sold order price Protecton at the time of delivery (doesnt have to be at time of order)
  18. Price increase 9/28

    oh that sucks. What also sucks is they typically know ahead of time there is going to be a price increase - prob not all the sales folks but management does. im going to assume your getting the forum pricing from them so there prob isn’t any skin left in the game for them, but worthwhile...
  19. Price increase 9/28

    Yes it takes them a while to update the website