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  1. Service axle locker system

    Lately occasionally I will be breaking for a stop and a light/warning will pop up saying "service axle locker system". Then it goes away as soon as I start moving...or just go away eveb before I start moving. Has anyone had this happen?
  2. ESS question

    I noticed that I haven't had my ESS turn off the engine at stops for awhile. I kind of hate it anyway, so I think I didn't really notice for awhile. No errors come up or anything. I'll have the dealer look at it, but anyone know what would cause that?
  3. Rust on welds

    should there be rust on my frame welds already...maybe 2 years old...salty roads in winter.
  4. Dual climate control sync

    Is there a way to re-sync the dual climate control with a physical button? Or is hitting sync in the climate screen the only way.
  5. Removing Rubicon hood decal

    I want to remove my rubicon hood decals to replace with something else. Will there be a faint outline of it visible...about a year old? Or not really?
  6. Spare tire psi?

    Should the spare tire psi be less than the other tires? Or does it not matter.
  7. MOAB Wheels on Rubicon.

    Anybody ever swap the Rubicon wheels for the black MOAB ones? Would that look better...or just keep the ones I have.
  8. Bartact Seat cover instructions

    Anyone able to take a photo or something of the instructions for the Bartact rear seat cover instructions? They sent the front instructions with my rear covers...:(
  9. 5 tires rotation

    At what milage is the wear too uneven to do a 5 tired rotation?
  10. picture of backup camera cover, from side

    Can someone get a picture of the backup camera cover from the side? I backed it into a cement wall in a parking garage...lol. if iJust wondering I loosened it.
  11. Kia Telluride or Rubicon?

    just kidding...
  12. Request: Punk'n Rubicon with Clear Side Markers.

    Anyone have a picture of Punk'n Rubicon with clear side markers?Wondering it's worth doing as the yellow kinda blends with the orange anyway.
  13. what bumper is this?

    Anyone know what bumper this is?
  14. Does salt stain Sunrider top.

    So I want to put my Sunrider top on, as the snow it starting to melt. But I'm assuming winter is not ever her in Wisconsin. Will road salt stain the top?...If so, I will just wait.
  15. Backup sensor in Warn JL Elite Rear Bumper

    Can the back up sensors be put in the Warn JL elite rear bumper. Is that what those circles are or is that something else?
  16. winch recommendation

    I'm going to get the Warn Elite Front Bumper/skid plate. Any recommendations on which Warn winch to get in addition to it?
  17. Steel front, plastic rear bumper

    I want to get the Warn elite bumpers, but only the front one is available currently. The rear only pre-order. If I installed only the front, would the front end be tipped down from the extra weight only at the front?
  18. Any places in Wisconsin that will install parts for you...

    Anyone know of a good shop in Wisconsin that will install parts...bumpers...etc... I dodon have time myself or don't want to deal with it.
  19. Warn elite bumper/skid plate

    Anyone know the cost of this?
  20. 4H or 4L

    2H or 4H