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  1. Virginia WTB Crystal Granite half doors for JLU

    If anyone around Virginia or neighboring states has a set of half doors for a JLU for sale let me know.
  2. Tennessee JCR jlu half doors granite metallic crystal

    Did you ever sell these half doors?
  3. Virginia SOLD: upgraded Trail Grade Morris Mule Trailer

    Price $5000 Tent has been used only a handful of times for weekend camping trips. Has been garage kept when not in use. Classified as a 2 person tent. This one was branded for Jeep. More information regarding FreeSpirit Recreation tents can be found here: https://gofsr.com/ or for specs of...
  4. Virginia Rugged Ridge Tube DOors with Mirrors (Front)

    Probably. Wouldn't be cost effective either way. If buyer paid extra for shipping and packaging materials, they'd be better off just buying new from a parts dealer.
  5. Virginia Rugged Ridge Tube DOors with Mirrors (Front)

    Have a set of front RR Tube Doors with mirrors for sale. Excellent condition. Located in Roanoke, VA. Local sale and pickup. $375.
  6. CMM mounts and mirrors for doorless days!

    Got mine this past Friday. People commenting about the price just have no idea about the build quality and materials these are made from. I've had my share of doorless mirror that utilize the hinge mount or a bracket. All were just flimsy and cheap. Often vibrating loose during long drives. The...
  7. What are the point of tube doors?

    I can't agree more. The quality justifies their price.
  8. Doorless Mirrors?

    After diligent searching available mirror options and reading through this thread I went with the Carolina Metal Masters mirrors. Having received them Friday and now installed and tested. IMO the price is justified. Every component is metal except the mirror and the plastic bezel around the...
  9. Angry Grille for the JL...Love it or Hate it?

    I think they are for later Gen X-ers and millennials that didn't evolve out of their 12 year old infatuation with the Transformers. Their Jeep to do what they wish with though.
  10. What are the point of tube doors?

    Mine are being delivered by Friday. Having watched some install videos on youtube it looks pretty easy and simple. Just pop of the bolt cover caps on the top of the pillar grab handles and unbolt the bolt. Then bolt in the ball joint. Then the mirror will just slide into the attachment ring and...
  11. What are the point of tube doors?

    Some tube doors have side mirror attachment options, but if you're wanting to just be doorless, the best mirror option is from carolina metal masters: https://www.carolinametalmasters.com/collections/jeep-jl-parts/products/cmm-jl-side-mirrors-with-1-ball-mount-solution Pricey, but the only...
  12. Need Sunshade. Go with Alien/Spider or cheapo eBay version?

    From looking into this myself, I will go with the Alien brand. Theirs is the only one that I have seen so far that doesn't require you to drop the windshield to install.
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Received my Rugged Ridge tube doors.
  14. Stubby Bumper. Let's see them.

    RedRock 4x4 Stubby Bumper with LED Fogs and winch mount.
  15. Jeep Dog pics

    My one and only co-pilot.

    That site is sketch overall. If you google their listed address it is actually for a shipping center business operating by the name WoldCPS. 370 Turnbull Canyon Rd, City of Industry, CA 91745 Phone number I found associated with the business address was (626) 855-3088. Also appears they list a...
  17. Jeep Purchase in another state

    If your financing your Jeep through a bank then you wouldn't receive a title till after the jeep loan is paid off. You would only be registering the vehicle in your name indicating their is a lien. Till the loan is paid, the bank more or less owns the jeep. Once you're loan is paid off the...
  18. Can dealer refuse to work on Jeep because I didn’t buy there?

    Any business can choose to refuse service. Not the best business practice. Wouldn’t say this is an effective way to run a business but that’s their prerogative I guess. Hopefully there’s another jeep dealership and service center near you that’s more welcoming of your potential business. This...