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  1. I bought the world's best trailer for my Jeep!

    Here is a photo. The full story is in a thread here: https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/towing-with-a-2-door-jeep-wrangler-can-you-fault-my-testing-methodology.79342/
  2. The part number for the bezel that protects the reversing camera

    See attached. May I please have the part number for item 6.
  3. A favour: Could you please sit in the front passenger seat and check your tube door mirrors from that seat.

    I am Australian so my Jeep is right hand drive. I am researching tube doors and mirrors. I would buy them online from the US. There are some who say that the mirrors are designed for left hand drive and so they cannot be set for a right hand drive vehicle. I wonder if anybody on the forum...
  4. If I change to a different tyre, how do I determine the correct tyre pressure?

    I have a Sport S. It came will all terrain tyres and performs well on road and off road. The placard on the Jeep says that the correct tyre pressure is 36psi If I change to a different tyre, how do I determine the correct tyre pressure?
  5. How does fuel economy change with a wider tyre?

    With bicycles, a road bike has a narrow tyre at a high pressure. A mountain bike will have a wide tyre with a much lower pressure. On the road, a mountain bike has a lot of rolling resistance and therefore it is slow v a road bike. The tyres for the Australian Jeeps are as follows: The Sport S...
  6. I installed a roof rack on my 2 Door

    The cross bars are by Jeep The roof tray is by Rhino Rack. I got the smallest one they have. The Rhino Rack is positioned across the roof instead of long ways. The plan was to make sure I could open the soft top. Also, I only need the roof rack when I am going off road or overlanding. So I...
  7. Fuel consumption: What is 99 Current?

    I did some off roading with my Jeep group. When we aired down, I zeroed the fuel consumption measurement. We stayed in a nearby motel overnight and in the morning I checked the fuel consumption. It reads 20.4 litres per 100k What is "99 Current"?
  8. The bumper for the JL Wrangler Willys edition

    See attached photo. There is a Youtube channel called TFL Car and this is Tommy's Jeep. The Jeep is a JL Wrangler Willys edition. I have a JL Wrangler Sport S. I expect that the bumper in the photo will fit on my Jeep. May I please have the part numbers (there is likely to be more than one...
  9. Rated recovery hooks for the Australian Jeep Wrangler

    I have a JL Wrangler Sport S that is nearly 3 years old. For the last 2 years I have been looking for rated recovery hooks for the front. We start with the manual to the Australian Wrangler. It says the tow eyes cannot be used for off road recovery. My tow eyes: . As for the rear, I...
  10. Is a bumper one part or lots of parts?

    See attached photos. The white Jeep is a U.S. based Sport S with plastic bumper. Note the recovery hooks. The black Jeep is an Australian based Sport S with plastic bumper. No recovery hooks! I am hoping to buy the full plastic bumper for a US based Sport S and ship it here. Then have a Jeep...
  11. Towing with a 2 door Jeep Wrangler. Can you fault my testing methodology?

    Can you find fault in my testing methodology? My wife and I go camping from time to time. We use a tent. A photo is below. Two years ago, I took delivery of a 2 door Jeep Wrangler (I LOVE MY Jeep!) The Jeep does not have much storage space so I considered getting a box trailer for camping...
  12. What is the correct tool to undo this screw?

    I wish to place D-rings there. (the quality is poor to reduce the size of the file)
  13. Stock standard plastic front bumper for the JL Sport

    Australian JL Sport do not come with recovery hooks at the front. If I get a U.S. front bumper it should come with recovery hooks. See attached photo. However I cannot locate the bumper or the part number. May I please have a link to the part on your web site. Thank you.
  14. If I get a stock bumper with recovery hooks from the US will anything go wrong?

    In the photo the white Jeep is a Sport in U.S. Note the recovery hooks. The Mojito Jeep is mine. No recovery hooks. I have learnt that I can order a stock standard US style bumper with recovery hooks from the US and have it installed here. Is there anything that might go wrong? .
  15. Tailgate table

    Are you happy to ship to Sydney, Australia? Is it possible to get a set of instructions for installation before I buy the product? On your web site the photo shows a strange aluminium strip across the top. What is that? is it compulsory? .
  16. Engineering: If a hook is rated to 10,000 pounds does that mean that 2 are rated to 20,000 pounds?

    I have no engineering knowledge. I have a 2 door JL Sport from Jeep Australia. I have no recovery hooks on the front and I wish to get a pair. Presume that a hook is rated to 10,000 pounds and I have 2 hooks on the front. I am stuck in the mud and I need to be recovered. My friend has a winch...
  17. Element doors - mirrors available?

    I was looking at your Element Doors for the JL on your website. I can't seem to find matching mirrors. Do you have matching mirrors?
  18. The difference between 4 wheel high Auto and 4 wheel high Part Time

    The old JK has 4 a position transfer case. 2 wheel High 4 wheel high Neutral 4 wheel low The JL has a 5 position transfer case 2 wheel High 4 wheel high Auto 4 wheel high Part Time Neutral 4 wheel low So, what is the difference between, 4 wheel high Auto and 4 wheel high Part Time? From...
  19. Switch into and out of 4Lo for newbies

    I started by reading the manual then; I listened to the experienced guys in the Jeep club then; I learned from my own experience Our Jeeps are expensive and none of us want to damage anything. A damaged transmission, I understand, can be expensive to fix. The manual says that in 4Lo you...