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  1. Wrangler on 17x8.5 Black Rhino Calico BR001

    Hey Team, Just thought I'd share this really nice set up. Wheels are the 17x8.5 Black Rhino Calico in a 0 offset mounted on 35x12.50r17 Nitto Trail Grappler Tires. More info about this wheel and other Black Rhino wheels can be found here: https://wheelsasap.com/black-rhino-wheels/ If...
  2. KMC Wheels - KM542 IMPACT Now Available at WheelsASAP.com

    Thank you for your business and kind positive words regarding our customer service.
  3. Not impressed with WheelsAsap.com

    Thank you very much for you kind words and positive review about your experience with us.
  4. Not impressed with WheelsAsap.com

    Regretfully I don't come on here as often as I should and missed a notification for this post. I dug thru our internal ticket system and did find some communication notes between you and our rep Alex. When you where discussing the deal with Alex you mentioned the Amazon price and we matched it...
  5. New Stock Alert: KM541 KMC Wheels

    Looking good! Can't wait to see the final build.
  6. New Stock Alert: KM541 KMC Wheels

    The Textured Black is 29.03 lbs and the Matte Bronze w/ Black Lip 28.97 lbs
  7. New Stock Alert: KM541 KMC Wheels

    I'll be happy to look that up for you, are you considering the 17x8.5 +18, 17x8.5 +0 or the 17x9 -12 ?
  8. Jeep JL on 17x9 Fuel Militia Wheels w/ 35s

    Thanks for the feedback Gregorio, I always enjoy hearing what customer like or dislike about the options we post, This helps us make inventory decisions. It is certainly not a light weight wheel this style of design is more for the user base looking for aesthetics over function.
  9. Jeep JL on 17x9 Fuel Militia Wheels w/ 35s

    Thought I'd share this one with you folks. This JL is sitting on 17x9 Fuel Militia Wheels in a -12 offset in Anthracite w/ Matte Black finish wrapped in 35x12.50r17 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. It's a pretty aggressive fitment but not too crazy yet far from flush. Find the Fuel Fuel Wheels...
  10. New wheels

    It was a pleasure collaborating with you on on your wheels and tires Michael.
  11. Black Rhino Wheels - Armory Stock Refresh

    To be honest this is new news to me. I have not experienced any issues with Rust but that's not to say the issues doesn't exist. What I could say is that TSW the parent company of Black Rhino, is a very reputable company and they'll certainly resolve any presented issues Im sure.
  12. New Stock Alert: KM541 KMC Wheels

    That looks SOLID Mike. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to collaborate on your build.
  13. New Stock Alert: KM541 KMC Wheels

    IAN your JL looks amazing man! Love the wheel finish combo with the Yellow. What lift are you running?
  14. Black Rhino Wheels - Armory Stock Refresh

    Thanks for the feedback as I have received some inquiries thru our sales team regarding the topic.
  15. Black Rhino Wheels - RENO Stock Refresh (bead lock option available)

    After being on back order for some time now we just received a nice batch of the Reno by Black Rhino Wheels. The Black Rhino Reno is one of our most popular sellers and is available in Bead Lock and Non Bead Lock applications. Non Bead Lock the Black Rhino Reno is Available in 17x9 in -18 and...
  16. Black Rhino Wheels - Armory Stock Refresh

    I'm sure the brakes will run hotter than normal however we have not yet received any reported cases of it causing issues within the braking system.
  17. Which wheel and Show off yours

    Looks Awesome, Love the fitment!