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  1. Stellanis to introduce STLA Brain, SmartCockpit, AutoDrive on all vehicles by 2024 to further monetize them

    Wonder how this fits into the JL model lifespan. If the platform can be updated or if this tech will be for “JM“ https://techcrunch.com/2021/12/07/how-stellantis-plans-to-make-22-5b-a-year-from-software-in-its-cars-trucks-and-suvs/
  2. Mike Manley, CEO, former head of Jeep leaving stellantis

  3. Jeep "Groundhog Day" Super Bowl commercial with Bill Murray [Updated With Extended Directors Cut]

    Added extended cut version :clap: Updated with the full commercial! Bill Murray was back on the set of Groundhog Day in Woodstock, IL over the weekend. Rumor is the commercial is shooting for Jeep. The Super Bowl is on Groundhog Day this year.
  4. Jeep skipped Wrangler to debut its newest features

    Now that Gladiator is being introduced I'm seeing all kinds of electronic off-road goodies that should've been on the JL launch instead of JT. Even Off-road pages got pulled from JL's initial launch. - selectable speed crawl control - tire fill alert - Off Road+ - front facing TrailCam I...
  5. Nissan to make bid for FCA merger

    How would Nissan effect Jeep? Better quality? Better customer service? They push CVT on everything https://carbuzz.com/news/nissan-to-merge-with-dodge-and-jeep