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  1. New update for 8.4 Uconnect radio

    That screen must be related to my wife
  2. 2023 Jeep vs. Curb, Curb wins.

    Curb your enthusiasm
  3. Clutch and pressure plate issues

    Does your Jeep clutch get hotter than THIS?????
  4. Should I be rubbing.

    I'll rub one out for you
  5. Inexpensive way to add power AND improve fuel economy! Nope!

    I poured a 50lb bag of sugar into my ex wife's Jeep. I don't know what it did to the Jeep but my girl friend says she noticed an increase in thrust.
  6. Help Needed with Jeep - New Vehicle Issue: always drifting to the right.

    Mine also drifts to the right and I found that sitting as far left as I can on my seat fixes the problem.
  7. Bolt Hood Locks for the JL

    I've heard that manual transmission JLs might have an issue. Is this true?
  8. All Dash Warning Lights on JLUR

    Other than that, how are you enjoying your Jeep?
  9. Battery / Trickle Charging / Increased MPG?

    Alternator drag won't affect mileage that much.
  10. Windshield washer fluid.

    I use Dawn and plain tap water because I have the Mopar Propane Windshield Washer Fluid Heater Part # 867-5309
  11. OEM Battery Replacement

    I lived in Manhattan so I know what it's like to never be near a paved road.
  12. OEM Battery Replacement

    You might be one of the few
  13. 2MPH delta between speedometer and cruise control…..

    It holds in fluids to measure them from the deceased.
  14. ScanGauge 3 Mounting Options

    Drinks and dinner makes it go so very smoothly.
  15. 2MPH delta between speedometer and cruise control…..

    People complain about the Jeep being unsafe with clutch fires and death wobble, etc. However, NO ONE tests more vehicles to insure your safety than Jeep. NOBODY.
  16. Tires break loose at 80, & 90 mph on wet roads.

    Drink a gallon of this shit and then park it.