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  1. Stupidest thing I've done today... aux battery wired backwards

    Went to replace the aux battery today. I managed to put in in the wrong way and wired it backwards. You can imagine the fireworks when I put the main battery back in. It was a rough day. End result was I blew the high-amp fuse bar on N3, along with fuse 97 (uconnect) and the amplifier fuse (F12...
  2. Intermittent debug

    Sorry for the longish post. I have intermittent warnings that pop up, including service electronic throttle control, service shifter, service axles, and disconnect swaybar unavailable. Possibly others. Been going on for years but getting worse. My best guess is there's an intermittent open or...
  3. Driving on Venus

    It's really amazing what these Jeeps are capable of.
  4. Century Club 100K Miles

    Anyone else out there hit this milestone? Most fun I've ever had in a vehicle. 3.6 Pentastar. Essentially stock (mods: front camera, aux switches, rock lights) I'm retired. Zero commute miles, zero trips to the mall. These are all fun miles, around 5,000mi off-pavement. Biggest...
  5. Leaking expansion reservoir

    Small problem with leaking coolant from bottom of expansion reservoir, only while under pressure. Before I take it apart, I was wondering if anyone else has seen this and found it was due to hose/clamp/elbow/plastic tank. If possible, I'd like to order a part or two and take care of it in one...