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  1. Spare Tire Backup/Reverse Light

    I know that plenty of companies make a brake light ring for installation in the spare tire but does anyone make a backup/reverse light ring that can be installing in the spare tire? Plenty of people can see the brake lights but I have had other drivers tell me they don't see my reverse lights...
  2. Rattle on Driver's Side Rear

    So I had this annoying rattle coming from the back seat. I tightened all the screws affixing the sound bar and plastic molding for both front and back roll bars. It worked for the first long drive. Upon over bumps, the rattle started again. It is making me crazy. What was 100% love in July is...
  3. Making Outlets in JLU Always On

    Does anyone know how to make any of the outlets in the JLU always on?
  4. Finding Part Numbers

    Does anyone know how to find part numbers? The paint on the front driver's side power door lock housing is bubbling and peeling. Any idea how to find out the part so I can replace it?
  5. Interior paint coming off

    Anyone else had this happen? This is the power lock switch on the driver's side front door...I think that's from my knee rubbing it... I've had my JLUR for a little over a month
  6. Floor mat drainage

    i have the mopar all weather floor mats. I understand that they allow for drainage but there is interior carpet between the floor and the floor mat. Am I supposed to cut through the carpet if I want to drain?
  7. Anyone tried hydrosilex?

    If you've tried hydrosilex, let me know about your experiences. If I'm going to wash this beast weekly, a wax or ceramic-like product will help.
  8. Added Door Sill Guards and...oh no

    I added door sill guards yesterday and on one of the doors, the back tape came off perfectly but the front tab ripped...as you know, it is some very strong adhesive. Is there a way to fix it?
  9. How is average fuel efficiency calculated?

    Does anyone know how the fuel efficiency is calculated by the vehicle? Is it over the life of the car or does it reflect the average fuel consumed over a specific period?
  10. What can the Tazer do for me?

    I have a JLUR automatic. I intend to use the Jeep primarily as a daily driver. I want good gas mileage so I don't intend to disable the stop/start. Do I need the Tazer or similar product? If so, why?
  11. If I currently only have a soft top and want to purchase a hard top...

    If I currently have a soft top and want to purchase a hard top after market, will the rear wiper not work? Same for rear defrost?
  12. People are Flashing Me the Brights

    So I have had my JLUR for a couple of weeks and I have been getting the brights flashed at me by oncoming traffic a few times. I did get the LED headlights and I imagine that they are rather bright to oncoming traffic. Something I noticed is when the headlights are on, the only difference in...
  13. Proximity Door Locks - aftermarket

    I fear I made a mistake in my options selection in not ordering the proximity door locks, is that something that can be purchased after market?
  14. How does everyone mount their cell phones?

    How did you mount your cell phone? Just got a new JLUR and am looking for ideas for placement and mount type.
  15. Weather Alerts and Black Screen and Straps

    I just took delivery on my JLUR and I love it. While I'm sure I will find more, I have found two issues: - I live in the New York City area and I get weather alerts pretty much every day; does anyone know how to turn these off? I have the 8.4 inch screen if that makes a difference. - When I...
  16. Preventing Fender Fade

    Just took deliver on JLUR with black fenders...what do I use to prevent fade? Do I need to do it on the plastic bumpers as well?
  17. Plasti Dip vs. Vinyl vs. Paint

    How should I make my grille matte black and why should I use this technique? I do not intend to do the work myself and would ideally avoid significant cost.
  18. Rear Seat Covers for JL

    I still can't find a set of rear seat covers for the JLUR that offers access to seat belt buckles. Anyone have any recommendations? Something machine washable would be ideal.
  19. When Someone Cuts Through the Windows on my Soft Top...

    I have a JLUR arriving in a couple of weeks and it just hit me; I live in the New York Metropolitan area and I have ordered a soft-top only vehicle. I am not concerned about the wind noise or the temperature inside the vehicle in the winter.What does concern me is that someone will eventually...
  20. Premium Tan Sunrider Soft Top Requires 2.0?

    If this screen grab is accurate, that's just strange. Not sure what a roof has to do with an engine selection