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  1. Rattling upon acceleration

    Every quality survey I get I mention this issue. They call me. I tell FCA their 3.6 has a detonation problem. They say see the dealer. Dealer says its normal. I asked for an extended warranty since theres no fix. FCA said no, see the dealer. Spin, deny, stonewall, the FCA way.
  2. Rattling upon acceleration

    If they're not gonna propose a fix they need to offer everyone extended powertrain warranties.
  3. Sport vs. Rubicon

    If you're going 37s just get the Rubi. You'll be glad you had the better axles and 4.10s.
  4. How reliable is the new 3.6l? is it straight out of the gc?

    A great way to improve reliability is to never use the dealerships service. I've had a JK and JL with few mechanical issues and don't use dealerships service. Family members had a Hemi GC and new Cherokee and guess what, problems that I 100% attribute to dealer techs rushing jobs and not...
  5. Westin JLU Wrangler Build [SEMA 2019]

    Westin is actually an ancient English word for "Rust."
  6. Kao Auto / Iron Cross Automotive JLU Wrangler Build [SEMA 2019]

    What did the 44s say to the stock axles? SNAP!
  7. DeeZee JLU Wrangler Build [SEMA 2019]

    those fenders look like a votech welding 101 project
  8. Nexen Tire JLU Wrangler Build [SEMA 2019]

    those big MTXs are F load rated. Would take a look if they were D or E load. F is crazy heavy for a jeep.
  9. Harbor Frieght Winch

    i ended up going with the Warn VR EVO 10K winch with the warn winch plate for my JLUR. its Warns chinese made model. only thing i dont like is the control pack wires stick out the side and dont have the clean seamless look of the Zeons.
  10. Load range e2? Ko2 - any advice would be appreciated!

    Happy with my maxxis Razrs in 37 inch E load at 30 psi. They are barely heavier than the popular nittos and toyos in D load.
  11. What Octane Gas Are You Going To Put In Your JL?

    There are many reports of the JL 3.6 having predetonation issues with lower octane. Several threads about it here. There's no fix from FCA. They say it's the normal and the dealers are useless.
  12. Rattling upon acceleration

    It would be interesting to test. I thought going to 37s would force the engine to work harder and hold higher rpms but basically in gears 1 through 5 I don't notice any difference. On the highway it'll hold 6 and 7th more often than 8th.
  13. Drag Link Loose?

    Just noticed this on mine today when I was replacing the stabilizer.
  14. Rubicon tires / highway driving

    K02s are a great all around tire and fine for highway. That said I recently went to a mud terrain in 37 inch size and find them acceptable also for daily driving, about 50 miles per day. Maxxis Razr MT.
  15. Rattling upon acceleration

    Bottom line is that its predetonation. I still get a touch of it now in 2nd and 3rd gear even with 93 octane.
  16. New 2020 Land Rover Defender vs Jeep JL Wrangler

    you lost me at Independent Suspension.
  17. 85 Octane ok?

    My 3.6 knocks with 87. Lots of threads here about it. Costco 93 stops it.
  18. Tailgate noise

    Mine just started rattling after lubing this area with silicone because the door was sticking. Really bizarre.
  19. Mud flaps to avoid rear fender flares from getting wrecked

    Husky Long John flaps. Trim to your application.
  20. Had my steering damper replaced today.

    My early build 2018 JLUR with 37s goes down the road fine. I think I'm gonna avoid the "improved" stabilizer.