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  1. Crystal Rubi build…

  2. Crystal Rubi build…

    Excuse me. You call that flexing. :facepalm:🤪
  3. 2” front 1” rear coil spring level

    I didn't have to add anything else. Drives great and handles well.
  4. 2” front 1” rear coil spring level

    The wife Sahara has the Teraflex spacer 2" front to remove the factory rake and 1" rear to level out. The tires are 33's. Better lift for light off-road.
  5. Modding the front of my jeep

    Please excuse me. I just lost my lunch. 🤮
  6. Modding the front of my jeep

    I know its the Jeep but can't help but notice the big truck with those wheels and very low profile tires. That truck is as bad as the Jeep. :lipssealed: :LOL:
  7. So many scammers

    That is your MPG without heavy footing it to get that low?????
  8. Best way to stop a thief from towing your Jeep?

    I would think all your above thoughts and the Tazer Pin code would make it very hard to get away with Jeep.
  9. Saw a unicorn today at Lowe's

    You Might have seen but just saw it tonight. love the first part. Jeep buried in snow. New Jeep commercial. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/28qj/jeep-start-something-new-sales-event-snow-day-song-by-rayelle-t2
  10. Help! This is driving me crazy!

    I just checked as ADF asked about it. The jeep is in the garage so turned the lights on by hand and no halo. Started Jeep with lights in auto and halos are on.
  11. Crystal Rubi build…

    Man, that looks sharp. A clean spot under Jeep!! :rock: :LOL:😎
  12. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    Welcome. A lot of Jeep info here from a lot of Jeepers. Nice color. :rock:
  13. Crystal Rubi build…

  14. Advice on Getting Naked

    Thanks, I'm 6ft and have no issues with headroom.
  15. Advice on Getting Naked

    I went with the Spiderweb shade with their Belt silencers too. Spiderweb shade doesn't use Bungee balls they use these to secure it. Better look. Vicious DV8 Off-road doors with mirrors.
  16. Proper rear diff bolt torque spec?

    My Rancho Rock gear glide plates front and rear call for 25 lb-ft torque
  17. Wandering the Southwest for Four or Five months of Wheeling.

    Man, I wish my wife would camp, she is just not the camping type. She hates it flat out. I just now found your post again so I will be watching it now. Enjoy and take care!
  18. Feedback requested in tire options

    I have no complaints with my Toyo Open Country MT 35s on road or off.
  19. Do you get unsolicited compliments on your Jeep?

    Hello, Steven. I have asked about your old info where it said kind of homeless before. I was glad when you told me you had a new job in Florida and a place to stay. I think it was a new job. I understand past things in life. I have had a stutter most of my life. They say it started when my...