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  1. HellaYella Sahara great color choice

    I've been using "HELLA YELLA" for decades -- https://hosting.photobucket.com/albums/mm83/jimbowby/Xterra/IMGP0642-2.jpg?width=450&height=278&fit=bounds&crop=fill https://hosting.photobucket.com/albums/mm83/jimbowby/JEEP%20JKU%20Rubi/SUNP0172.jpg?width=450&height=278&fit=bounds&crop=fill...
  2. Where do you mount your hi lift?

    Yeah--position is subject to EVERYTHING--,BUT If you put the HILIFT VINYL COVER on it--NO PROBLEMO! JIMBO
  3. Jeep JL Hi-Lift Mount

    You don't really need any MOUNT for keeping the HiLift under the rear seat-- Just remove the HiLift FOOT and put the HiLift under the rear seat-VELCRO to a couple of the legs and no rattle Be sure and keep the SEPERATE FOOT/COTTER KEY handy for possible use ! I carried mine like that for 9...
  4. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    I've been driving OFF-ROAD for over 65 years--Rangers/Xterra's/jeeps/ATV's/sand rails--etc My last jeep was a 2008 JKUR- highly modified and it was a TOTAL PLEASURE on-road/off-road- I get the SAME UP-NOSE ATTITUDE on my '18 SAHARA--but Having been retired for 28 years and RATHER...
  5. Mopar Tailgate Integrated Air compressor

    As seldom as used---- I don't see any reason for the IN-VEHICLE compressor installation ! Mine is portable and only taken when required ! W.E. JIMBO
  6. Jeep Wave - How about DIY Oil and Filter?

    Can"t doit--the Dealer has to log in your vehicle VIN and SERVICE CHARGE for REIMBURSEMENT FROM FCA !
  7. Service Stop Start System

    I turn my ESS LIGHT on, every time I start my jeep and drive that way-been doing that for over a year and 1/2 No problemo ! W.E... JIMBO
  8. Best battery tender

    I've been using 3-YUASA 1amp MAINTAINERS for over 6 years and they are very dependable and do a GREAT JOB ! W.E. JIMBO
  9. Fender Flares necessary or should I remove?

    They have a very LOGICAL PURPOSE--why would you want to remove them--? No weight savings/no gas mileage advantage and as said--if you remove them, you'll invite TICKETS and complete disaster to the engine/fenders- DON'T DOIT ! JIMBO
  10. How much pitch & roll is too much?

    Very good info-- One bit of additional advice, is to make damn sure that any CARGO EQUIPMENT is WELL SECURED ! W.E JIMBO
  11. You might have a "mall crawler" if.....

    Having owned a BFG tire shop years ago, I'd never used the WALMART tires--but I tried the THUNDER TRAC M/Ts and they're OUTSTANDING, besides easy to balance-- JIMBO
  12. Rubicon Steering & Tire Pressure?

    Hard to believe--huh ? JIMBO
  13. Rubicon Steering & Tire Pressure?

    That to---it's called BREAKIN ! JIMBO
  14. Rubicon Steering & Tire Pressure?

    Don't you get better with practice/time ?? JIMBO
  15. Differential Fluid

    Nope, I've used the 75w-140 for years and It's labelled LIMITED SLIP-- Works great, very quiet ! Good luck JIMBO
  16. WTF? No Under Hood Lighting?

    I just installed a 12VDC Pwr Plug and I can use any of my multiple portable lights -- This way I can move the light ANYWHERE ! Good luck JIMBO
  17. Will 325 65 18 tires fit on stock Sahara wheels?

    If the SOUND is to much for you---complain to the MODERATOR-- That's the way I doit ! JIMBO
  18. Jeep people

    I get conversations in most parking lots/stop signs and the common start is "NEAT JEEP/COLOR AND WHEELS --WHAT YEAR ISIT" ? JIMBO