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  1. Lift kit or no lift kit That is the question

    Looks great without lift, may even look weird with one. Just looks perfect.
  2. Way better design - Engine Stop/Start

    I click the off button after starting. Works great :)
  3. And he walked away. Black ice reminder

    Wow, people can complain about a lot of things but many people walk away from Wrangler crashes. Seen a video about a year ago of Wrangler falling off a bridge in Florida and they survived. Not sure how badly they were injured though. Glad he is doing well. Another + for our Jeeps.
  4. HotShots Secrets Diesel Extreme

    Finally got some EDT in after I stood there for 3 or 4 mins trying to get my funnel in the fuel intake! I forgot it has the protection for getting the flap open. Then remembered the adapter we have in the back! :LOL: Good for more than just getting large flow fuel pumps, works for small funnel...
  5. Manual and XR package?

    4.88 would be a great start?
  6. New interior options: Vinyl flooring and vinyl seating surfaces

    It looks like it is armorlite, which is about 700 dollars. 295 for install really is not that much in my opinion and would not be adverse to buying it if I wanted that type of flooring.
  7. Clicking noise under drivers side dash when losing traction

    Yeah clicks and clacks when losing traction and kicks in.
  8. Extended Warranty start date

    The cost of my warranty would not pay for hardly anything that breaks on these or any new car. 1200 bucks might buy couple of things if I was able to replace myself. Power train is pretty limited to actual internal parts.
  9. Jeep Concepts for Easter Jeep 2023?

    Never know until then. Maybe another electric.
  10. Ever had your Jeep drop out of 4LO spontaneously?

    No but my 2020 would pop out of 4Hi often when new and really hard to engage. No problem with new one.
  11. VInyl Flooring Option - New Option

    Probably is armolite. May be partners.
  12. Extended Warranty start date

    Really just 4 since the first 3 years are covered already.
  13. VInyl Flooring Option - New Option

    Yeah website is broken for me but does show as option. Wonder if this is it...
  14. VInyl Flooring Option - New Option

    From what I read around here was cargo area for vinyl. But now order guide says floor covering. Jeep sucks with explaining options. Vinyl seats also?
  15. 2020 JLURD in Middle America

    Those are Fifteen52 wheels, aluminum.
  16. 2020 JLURD in Middle America

    Very nice, love those wheels and tire setup.
  17. Jeep just updated website with HUGE price increases to the Wrangler options.

    Yeah Jeep is actually 1795 for destination fee, Toyota is still 1335, GM 1495.
  18. Is the Convenience Group worth it?

    Well worth it. Only options I got on my 22, besides LED. Heated Seats and remote are great.