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  1. Do you use the Remote Start on the 4Xe?

    It depends upon the external & battery temperatures. Generally, since the heater takes a few kW of power, the transition from pure electric power to gas & electric is achieved at lower throttle inputs. That subtlety, however, is overridden by the temperatures. Where I live & work, temperatures...
  2. 2021 Rubicon died at traffic light

    @ArtC I preordered an early 2021 back in Nov of 2020. It died in a similar manor to yours in late Nov 2021 with about 9k miles. My dealership took about a week to look at it & rapidly decided they didn't have a clue how to fix it. They opened a star case & learned the Jeep needed a new PIM &...
  3. Interactive Pricing Spreadsheet for 2023 JL & JLU

    The 4xe High Altitude is included in the Sahara 4xe tab in the 4Door spreadsheet. High Altitude is a quick order package within the Sahara model line; it appears in both the regular Sahara and 4xe Sahara. The naming is similar to "Willys S" or "High Tide" which are quick order packages within...
  4. Interactive Pricing Spreadsheet for 2023 JL & JLU

    I've not seen them, yet, but I'd sure like to. The power adjustable Nappa leather seats are intriguing to me...or anything, really, that would allow me to increase the seat bolsters & improve the seat shape while maintaining the airbags. Mine factory leather seats are only good for about 3...
  5. Interactive Pricing Spreadsheet for 2023 JL & JLU

    Updated spreadsheets appear on the first page. Generally, the prices all remained the same. These are the other changes I've noticed. Dec 9 Price updates BOTH Safety Groups now available. MOPAR Heavy Duty Vinyl Seats now available. PWR ADJ NAPPA LEATHER SEATS now available in Sahara. Trailer...
  6. How Can We Help?

    Benny, Part price wise the set of 4 makes sense, but the shipping charge comes up as nearly $250 whereas a single fender & liner is $55 shipping. Is that $250 charge accurate? Shipping to 98065.
  7. How Can We Help?

    Hi Benny, I lost a fight with a bridge railing while snow wheeling this weekend. I think the above part may be the correct one I need as well. Does this include the whole assembly with inner fender and LED's too? Can you verify fitment for my '21 JLU Rubicon 4xe? Driver's side. Thanks in...
  8. Jeeps in Snow... post pics.

    From last weekend near White Pass in WA. The snow was over the lead Jeep's front bull bar...and he was on 39's at 2psi.
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I lost an argument with an icy bridge while snow wheeling this weekend. Any suggestions for repair parts?
  10. Interactive Pricing Spreadsheet for 2023 JL & JLU

    Yes, you're not the only one to have missed it. There are several "tabs" across the bottom of your spreadsheet program. Each tab has a spreadsheet for a different model: Sport, Sahara, Rubicon, 392, RHD, Willys 4xe, etc. It appears I saved the file with the last tab, Rubicon 4xe, active, so the...
  11. Recall of 62,909 Jeep Wrangler 4XE -- For Possible Engine Shutdown While Driving

    I checked my vin... I'm affected. If it's just a sw mod, the fix will be easy, but it may take a while to write & then validate the code. Going snow wheeling tomorrow; sure hope I don't have a loss of motive power event in a couple feet of fresh snow.
  12. Any Black Friday deals on wheels or tires? Baby is in DIRE NEED OF NEW SHOES!!!

    Kansei is offering a 25% discount for their wheels with code "earlybird". https://kanseiwheels.com/collections/kansei-offroad-wheels
  13. Front Wheel Hub Bearing Failure?

    For mine it started with a low growl or hum at speeds over 35 and a barely noticeable steering wheel shake at 53mph. First thing I did was get my 37's rebalanced, but that didn't fix it. I next suspected a U joint or CV joint, so I spent some time inspecting the U joints & CV boots. There was...
  14. Front Wheel Hub Bearing Failure?

    I just had my front wheel hub bearing, 68272624AC, replaced at 20,000miles by my dealership. No complaints there as it was fully covered under warranty. But I was wondering if this is a common JL failure for those who wander off the mall parking lot? I've never had a bearing failure on other...
  15. Any issues on the 4XE plug in port door opening while driving?

    Mine has never opened while driving, even when driving through heavy brush, but I used to forget to close it all the time. It's only taken me ~18 months to develop the habit to close it when removing the charger.
  16. Interactive Pricing Spreadsheet for 2023 JL & JLU

    No, you weren't missing anything. It looks like I never hit the "save" button after I uploaded the files last night. They should appear now.
  17. Interactive Pricing Spreadsheet for 2023 JL & JLU

    Updated spreadsheets on page 1 with pricing from 10Nov2022 pricelists. Many changes are listed below. Base prices are all up ~$1k. Probably the most notable are Pun'k replacing Reign, Safety & the Advanced Safety Groups no longer available, no Diesel, and availability of a "Black Vinyl Floor...
  18. Getting My 37's Home

    Sure! Most of the images show dirty wheels, but they have a semigloss finish if you keep your Jeep clean.
  19. Thinking of a 4xe any regrets

    The 4xe has hardcoded gearing limited to 4.5, so 4.56 gears would be OK. 4.88 or 5.13's cannot be corrected. So, if you plan to go to 40inch tires, choose something else. I've found that throttle response when crawling in electric mode is smooth, but when the engine fires up it's a little...
  20. North Seattle beginner run

    Thanks very much for that description. I think I'll skip Evans Crk this weekend.