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  1. How Can We Help?

    Hi Richard, They are certainly a factory order option but have not been made available as a Mopar accessory kit for aftersale. I am still waiting to hear back from my contact. Thanks, - Benny
  2. How Can We Help?

    Hi Richard, I am sorry but Mopar has not released any kits yet. I will send a message up the line to see what their intentions if any are on these. Thanks, - Benny
  3. How Can We Help?

    Hi Mark, According to this Doc they are as follows https://www.allmoparparts.com/docs/77072396AF-2022.PDF https://parts.allmoparparts.com/oem-parts/mopar-shock-68316570ac https://parts.allmoparparts.com/oem-parts/mopar-shock-68316580ac They are sold individually and take us about 6 days to...
  4. Part # for Xtreme Recon Wheels

    Hi, Yes but not good. July 15, 2023 :( -Benny
  5. Online Mopar parts dealers?

    Sorry Marshall, We do not price match. Yes we usually always have discount codes available for forum members. Thanks, - Benny
  6. How Can We Help?

    Hi Charles, Yes it will fit a 2022 but will not be covered by your vehicles warranty. This being a Mopar Performance part it will only have a 12 month warranty against manufactures defect. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, -Benny
  7. How Can We Help?

    It actually uses the same screws Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, -Benny
  8. How Can We Help?

    Hi Jason, Assuming a 3.6L? I come up with https://parts.allmoparparts.com/oem-parts/mopar-hex-flange-head-screw-6510157aa Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, -Benny
  9. How Can We Help?

    I am honestly not sure. We built our own kit consisting of the same parts which are available now but individually they do cost more than the Mopar kit. Here is a link to it if interested https://www.allmoparparts.com/sku/jljtledhdlmp.html Please let me know if you have any other questions...
  10. How Can We Help?

    Hi, Yes but it includes a few other parts as well. See https://www.allmoparparts.com/docs/82215356AB.pdf It would include all the parts noted as 68413358* Here is a link to the kit https://parts.allmoparparts.com/oem-parts/mopar-hardware-68413358aa Please let me know if you have any other...
  11. How Can We Help?

    Hi, We are shipping from across the country (NY) but I sent you a code that will help out. - Benny
  12. How Can We Help?

    Hi Joe, Your part # is correct but we are currently not shipping liquids, paints or Hazmat. Also this paint is on backorder with an ETA of April however I believe they will come in sooner than this. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, -Benny
  13. How Can We Help?

    Hi Greg, Here are links https://parts.allmoparparts.com/oem-parts/mopar-fuel-water-separator-filter-kit-68436631aa https://parts.allmoparparts.com/oem-parts/mopar-fuel-filter-68157291aa I will send a code you can use. Thanks, - Benny
  14. How Can We Help?

    Hi Warren, That's correct. We wont see these any sooner than April based on the info we have today. I will send you a code you can use if interested in pre-ordering https://www.allmoparparts.com/sku/82215136ad.html - Benny

    There's more options then there should be IMO but this info may help others. We can add to this list as requested. Rubicon with 33's Spare Carrier 68474051AC Extension 68301879AE Extreme Recon with 35's & Front Camera Option Spare Carrier 68542438AA Extension 68540489AA Extreme Recon with...
  16. How Can We Help?

    Yes they are, PM replied to. - Benny
  17. How Can We Help?

    Orders are pended until Jan 18th At that time we will hopefully get an ETA on existing and new orders. In the worse case they can push back the pended date as well. - Benny
  18. How Can We Help?

    They wont be available until after Jan 18th based on todays info. This can change of course. https://www.allmoparparts.com/sku/77072586aa.html No, for the XR wheel I would use https://www.allmoparparts.com/sku/p5160154.html My reasoning behind this is that the XR wheel and this Mopar...
  19. Recent soft top window changes

    There is one 2 Door part # for which it applies to as well. From my understanding there is no retrofit/upgrade without ordering the new top material. In addition here is a note from Mopar on this change: The Soft Top Cover has a new design that does not have fabric tabs for the paddle brackets...
  20. Flare Types & Part Numbers

    Shoot me your VIN so I can verify. W clips are included with the new flare. The rivet # is correct but you'll need a plastic rivet gun. - Benny