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  1. Carbon Fiber Rooftop Tent

    Wow, this is stunning, both the price and the tent :) https://www.redtailoverland.com/ https://bikerumor.com/red-tail-overland-rooftop-tent/
  2. 392 Wheel Rash Ring cost

    I put on 392 takeoff wheels a bit ago and finally got some trail rash. None were damaged badly but I decided to look of the cost of replacement just for future reference. I was surprised to see that a single rash ring costs more that many actual wheels.
  3. New York Sold: 2018-2021 JL/JLU LED Glass Lift Gate Dome Light - $25 + shipping

    Selling because my new cargo platform is long enough to interfere with this even though the light is only 1/4" taller than the stock plastic piece. This is an import version of the Oracle Cargo Module which sells for $129. I paid $60 for this version (with tax). I just want it to go to a good...
  4. Flame King Reusable 1lb Propane bottle kit

    I stumbled across this mid-last year - mostly because the disposable Coleman 1 1b were unavailable or very expensive. I have been using this reusable solution for about a year and am happy that I saved some landfill garbage and a bit of $. I got mine at Menards in case you have trouble finding...
  5. The Pilgrimage - Vermont - Oct 6-9

    Anyone going to The Pilgrimage this year? https://the-pilgrimage.com/
  6. New York Sold: 2021 Rubicon Wheel & Tire take-offs

    Five 2021 Rubicon Wheel & Tire take-offs w/original 285/70/17 BFG K02s and TPMS (no lug nuts) 3600 miles on 4 tires, none on spare, no patches on any Westchester, NY - local pickup only or willing to meet part way - $1150
  7. New York Sold: New MOPAR Premium Black Soft Top JLU - 82215146AB

    New MOPAR Premium Black Soft Top JLU - 82215146AB - Westchester, NY Came with dual-top group but decided to stick with the hardtop. Box has never been opened. $1350 local pick up only (4 door to be clear for those who asked -> JLU)
  8. Some carbon fiber

    Did this just for fun to see if we liked it.
  9. New York Sold: AFE MACH Force XP Hi-Tuck Axle-Back Exhaust with Black Tips

    AFE MACH Force XP Hi-Tuck Axle-Back Exhaust with Black Tips Jeep Wrangler (JL) 18-21 L4-2.0L (t)/V6-3.6L Part Number: 49-48070-1B Great clearance since the exhaust tucks up high, but too loud for my wife for our camping trips. Used ~100 miles. $95 local pickup only, just north of White Plains, NY