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  1. North Carolina Rock rails from a 2019 JL Rubicon - 4DR. Hardware included. - Excellent Shape!

    These were just removed from a 19 JLUR with about 8500k miles on them. Garage kept, never off roaded (yet). In Excellent shape, includes all hardware. Just put on new steps so need to clear the garage. Cash only, local pickup. (Charlotte area). Asking $100
  2. Tazer JL Mini - Dead Battery

    I own a Tazer JL mini. I have always unmarried when taking to the dealer but yesterday my Jeep was completely dead and even after several failed jumps I was able to get it started and drove directly to the Jeep dealer but was unable to unmarry the unit since turning off the Jeep would result in...
  3. Intermittent Flashing of ABS lights - solved

    2019 JLUR Just started yesterday and intermittent but flashing ABS when applying brake pressure. The strange thing is I had an oil change a week ago and they flashed the radio with a TSB update for a flickering radio screen. No idea if it’s a coincidence or not. Any ideas? It sure if video is...
  4. North Carolina Sold: WTS - Jeep Wrangler (JL) Bestop Sunrider for Hardtop (Black Twill) - 52454-17

    This came off a 2019 JLUR. Not used very long at all and garage kept. Decided to just go complete Softtop so no longer need this. Comes with all hardware needed for a complete install. Located in Charlotte area. Ask any questions via PM and I’ll respond promptly. Asking $600

    Anybody come up with a DIY solution for the diabolical slipstream enclosure for some marine deck foam pads? Somewhat expensive @ $200 and after shelling out $800 for the slipstream I'd like to come up with a diy solution. wondering if I could just pickup some marine foam boat flooring and just...

    18-20 JEEP WRANGLER JL FRONT SUSPENSION TRACK BAR OEM P68394087AA Asking $50 removed from 19 JL Rubicon with approximately 5k miles. Good shape.
  7. North Carolina FS: 2019 JLUR Halogen Headlights and Fender Lights - Excellent Condition

    Taken off a 19 JLUR and barely used. These were Halogen. Both headlights and fender lights. Local pickup only. Asking: $75
  8. North Carolina Sold: FS: Five 2019 Rubicon Wheels and Tires - 5,600 miles

    I’m doing a little 2021 upgrade on my 2019 Rubi and will no longer need the Tires/Wheels which have approximately 5,600 miles on the tires. Never off roaded and garage kept. Spare never used. Asking $950 Local pickup only (Charlotte area). 5 x BF Goodrich LT285/70R17 All Terrain 5 x Rubicon...
  9. North Carolina Sold: FS: JL 33” Tire Carrier w/Camera Housing

    Upgraded for bigger tires so no longer need this stock Mopar tire carrier that came off my 19 JLUR w/33” tires. I also have the camera cover. Not sure the part number but pics provided. Local pickup only. Asking: $35
  10. North Carolina Sold: FS: JFTops Security Cargo Cover - Soft Top version - Nearly New

    Ran this one summer and its awesome and best of all can easily be removed within minutes or installed within minutes unlike some other cargo covers. Once installed you can run your soft top with added security (top will not fully lock when in down position, but this is fairly normal). Excellent...
  11. North Carolina Sold: FS: Tuffy Tailgate Lockbox - Excellent Condition

    Excellent condition Tuffy Tailgate Lockbox for JL. Only selling since I’ve decided to put in a Cargo security cover. Barely used since this was a weekend jeep. Comes with foam seal on back already installed. Asking $190, local pickup only. (Charlotte).
  12. North Carolina Sold: FS: 2019 JL Rubicon Suspension Take Off - 5,600 Miles

    Added the 2” Mopar Lift and these just came off with approx 5600 miles on the Jeep. Garage Kept basically a weekend ride. Great shape. Local pickup only please. Asking $175/OBO _______________________ Smaller Coil Spring - 3591AA Larger Coil Spring - 3661AC 2 x coil isolators 4 x stabilizer...
  13. Tailgate latch bolt won’t go back in

    I’m replacing my OEM tailgate with the Spartacus HD tire carrier and everything was going along fine until I notice the one top bolt hole I can only thread a few turns before it just freezes and won’t move. It also looks like it’s going in at an angle no matter how I try to thread it. Even...
  14. North Carolina Sold: FS: 2019 Rubicon Front Bumper and Tow Hooks.

    Swapped out the front bumper and no use for this. Only 5k miles on the Jeep and garage kept so very good shape. Fog lights removed and everything in photo included. Asking $50. Local pickup only. (Charlotte area).
  15. North Carolina Sold: 5 x 2019 Rubicon Wheels / Tires - Take Off’s - Coming Soon

    I’m doing a little 2021 upgrade on my Rubi and will no longer need the Tires/Wheels which have approximately 5,600 miles on the tires. Never off roaded and garage kept. Spare never used. The only catch is I probably will not have my new wheels / tires installed until mid to late January. If...
  16. Black Rhino Armory Wheels & Rugged Ridge Spartacus HD Tire Carrier Kit

    Looking to get the Black Rhino Armory Wheels and wonder if anyone’s successfully used the Rugged Ridge Spartacus hinge kit and Tire carrier with these wheels? Doesn’t look like you can fit anything other than the camera through the center hole with the cap off but surely there’s a way to mod...
  17. Sold: Sold: Superchips Flashcal for JL Wrangler - 3571-JL (Like new) - w/Wty

    Superchips Flashcal for JL Wrangler - 3571-JL - Like New, w/Extended Warranty. Asking $165 / shipped. Purchased in 8/2019 and used once. Works great and unmarried with the newest firmware. Additionally, I purchased an extended warranty for the device. I’m attaching a screenshot. (Honestly...
  18. JFTops Bed Topper - Soft Top Version

    Just wanted to give a shout out to (Jon) over at JFTops.com for the new Soft top Secure bed topper. I came across his website and after speaking with him over the phone, I was convinced this was for me. I wanted a way to securely keep my items in the back when riding with a soft top, but...
  19. WTB - Tazer JL

    WTB unmarried Tazer jL FOR A 2.0 Turbo. Thanks!
  20. Dash cam rear camera install tips?

    Picking up a front/ rear dash cam and wanted to see some ideas of how folks mounted the rear camera specifically when running a soft top? I was thinking in the middle of the back roll bar but wasn't sure about how to run the cabling from the front windshield to the rear. Any tips or...