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  1. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    To all my fellow Jeep Peeps, I bid you farewell. Best of luck to each of you who is still waiting for your vehicles. Patience is the only choice we have and I admittedly lost mine multiple times. Yours will get to you as well. Hang in there!! Full timeline in the signature.
  2. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Yes, I was going for well-equipped yet keeping it reasonable-ish after sticker shock. The price went up $2k from when I ordered it but my GM honored the original price.
  3. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Picking her up next week!! Came in early. Man, worth the wait.
  4. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    There wasn't a projected date. I went from D1 to Paint shop to Built before it updated from D1. Three weeks from D1 to shipped. We know comparing is iffy but that was my experience once the ball was rolling. Shipping -> (estimated) delivery is 11 days.
  5. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Happy 🦃🦃 Day!! Here's to some updates for all of you. To my manual 2 Doors still waiting on info; they're making progress. Some of us are finally seeing the light of day. Delivery date moved from January 3rd to November 30th. If my slow-ass order is looking at the finish line, there's...
  6. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    I thought about canceling my order in mid October. It'd been 3 months of Order Confirmed at that point. Imo, don't do it. You ordered what you wanted. Be patient, it's coming. *said everyone to me back in early October* It's true tho. Hold out.
  7. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    😮‍💨 870 miles. I'm sure it'll take @ least 2 weeks. That emoji was an exhale but came out looking like a smoker's cough lol
  8. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    To all the Peeps who have their 2023 Jeeps: How long did your shipping take? I hope it's the last thing I am required to obsess over for this order.
  9. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Something to consider: The limbo will end. If your order is treated like mine, you're going to speed thru D1 -> KZM. It took 3 weeks for me once they finally scheduled it. You got this 🤜🏻🤛🏻
  10. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    They are moving things along!! Dealership said I've moved to KZ this morning. All trackers show the same. I'm really, really hoping that some of my OGs here are seeing similar progress. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 or you guys already have.
  11. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Rock on!!!🤟🏻🤜🏻🤛🏻
  12. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    I can sympathize. I sat @ C/D for 106 days. But once they scheduled it, the process sped up & I was in production 2.5 weeks later. Apples to oranges and all that jazz but it's going to get scheduled. Hang in there!! 🤜🏻🤛🏻
  13. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Ok so Jeeptracker and Jeep were just hours behind my dealership's email. In this instance, I would say that Jeeptracker is still running well.
  14. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    ...you may want to hold off on any financing decisions. Noone has the answers but there is a large population here that are 3-5 months into this waiting game.
  15. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    It turns out the idea of TMI can be applied here. Especially when it's untrustworthy TMI.
  16. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Hey guys! I've been trying not to focus on this whole comparison/tracking ordeal lately. It's been a journey thus far but figured I'd throw updated info since it may help others. My dealership's GM emailed me this morning that I am in F(paint) as of today. However, everything else indicates...
  17. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    There's no need to yell. Confirmed for 45+ days isn't abnormal. It's easy to feel left out with some orders having quick progress. I recommend you be very patient and reign in expectations. Just my own experience, 106 days from ordered to scheduled. Some waited 30+ days longer.
  18. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    After 106 days of Purgatory.. *insert Strauss's "Thus Spoke Zarathustra"* Finally made it from D to D1.
  19. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Excitedly hold your breath with fingers/toes crossed and a rabbit's foot in both pockets.