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  1. 4x4 not working!

    Did you try low range?
  2. 2.0L Water Leak

    I use a right angle Torx key type wrench and reach down next to the air intake while kneeling on the bumper.
  3. Payload vs Upgrades -- a cautionary tale

    The Jeep weighs 5900 lbs. That leaves 200 lbs. of payload. GVWR and payload are interconnected.
  4. Payload vs Upgrades -- a cautionary tale

    GVWR is 6100. Doesn't matter where the weight is coming from.
  5. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    At least you know where the roll down handle is. I still keep trying to push the button on the door that isn't there :)
  6. Jeep Dealers Suck *OR* What Happened To Basic Customer Service?

    When I first found out about the bolt issue, purchased a T30 wrench and checked them myself. It's been awhile so decided to check them again this morning. Took 5 minutes. This is how I did it. Open the hood all the way to the windshield for max room to work. Use a towel to protect hood. Put a...
  7. with all the "angry grill" hate:

    Way to go Dad! You raised a Jeeper with a good sense of humor. :like: Now, make sure she checks that blinker fluid, looks like it's leaking.
  8. As a matter of fact my blinker/headlight fluid WAS low!

    Or my '60 chevy pickup with a column shift. Every time I tried to shift quickly that "three on the tree" would hang up between 1st and 2nd and require stopping and getting under the hood to reposition the worn out linkage. :facepalm:
  9. Perfect Christmas Present for Every Jeep Owner

    As old as my feet are, death wobble is almost certain :)
  10. What do you wish you did far sooner to your JL?

    Right index finger. Free and works almost every time. When it doesn't, the first stop fixes that. ;)
  11. SOLVED! OFF TOPIC - Any HVAC Furnace experts here?? I need help!!

    Make sure you remove that tape that is holding the door safety switch closed. You don't want to mix combustion air with recirculating air. Good job on fixing it yourself. So sad that a "tech" threw parts at your furnace instead of diagnosing it. That was an easy one for a real tech.
  12. SOLVED! OFF TOPIC - Any HVAC Furnace experts here?? I need help!!

    Any of these would trigger a fault and not allow the burners to ignite.
  13. SOLVED! OFF TOPIC - Any HVAC Furnace experts here?? I need help!!

    Looking at your video, the time delay between when the burners ignite and the circulating air blower comes on is longer than it should be. A high limit is then turning off the burners and it goes into a cool down mode. That on and off is the timing circuit malfunctioning. A bad circuit board is...
  14. Winch Installer scratched my Jeep!

    I think you work too fast. Those Hallmark movies are still on.
  15. How would you handle this with a shop?

    I don't know, that yellow 1980s water ski line doesn't look quite right....
  16. New Lift - drive shaft broke - need your opinion please

    The shop where the work was done probably has a 38 and a 39 laying on the floor somewhere :(