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  1. XTREME RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    But that is the beauty ring not the actual beadlock ring. Wondering if the beadlock ring has more bolts and the beauty ring just covers them. I dont think 10 bolts would be enough for beadlock
  2. Mopar Hinge Gate Reinforcement max weight

    I was wondering who put a larger tire on the back of the JL with the Hinge Gate Reinforcement? Have they all been ok? Has someone had a problem with one.? Make and size of tire please and weight if you know. TIA
  3. Dependabilty of E-Torque

    Have there been alot of problems with E-Torque? What happens if it quits working? It replaces the alternator so does everything shut down like when an alternator goes bad (I know it would goto battery power then)? They took it off the 2.0 and added to 3.6l. Has anyone driven the 3.6 with...
  4. XTREME RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    I was wondering what was the largest tires that have been installed without changing the springs? Please list mods if any, which spacers, fender mods, larger bumps etc. TIA
  5. XTREME RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    I found this interesting Jeep. XR package with 4.88s. Didn't know you could order like this https://www.jeep.com/hostd/windowsticker/getWindowStickerPdf.do?vin=1C4JJXFG9PW598286
  6. XR package have U-joints or CV

    I was wondering if the axle that comes with the XR package has CV joints or U-joints? I haven't seen this anywhere. TIA
  7. Xtreme Recon with 4.88 Gears

    I also compared a XR with 4.88 to a non-XR with 4.88 and the build sheet showed the XR had the HD front axle but the non-XR didn't. I was hoping the non-XR came with the HD front axle because I don't need the rest of the package. I would lift it and put wheels and tires on it. So most of the...
  8. Xtreme Recon with 4.88 Gears

    https://www.jeep.com/hostd/windowsticker/getWindowStickerPdf.do?vin=1C4JJXFG9PW598286 I didn't know it could be ordered like this.
  9. Largest Tires with stock XR suspension

    I figured many XR owners would have changed the tires. Anyone?
  10. Largest Tires with stock XR suspension

    What size tires have been installed with stock XR suspension? If a spacer was put in the front to offset the rack or the weight of a winch that's ok. But mostly stock pics and details please
  11. What Are The Largest Tires I Can Safely Run On BUILT Factory D44s?

    Check out "Rock Ballerina" on YouTube. 5.38 gears, built 44s, 40s. Been running that for 40k miles
  12. Gearing for 40's on UD60's........ 4.88 or 5.38?

    I would do 5.38. Your 8th gear OD is .66. Huge overdrive. It will be great on 40s
  13. 4xe take-off springs and shocks

    We haven't collected all the extra parts yet. I will update ASAP. LMK if anyone else completes it first. I'm estimating 3"
  14. 4xe take-off springs and shocks

    I am getting a suspension off a Rubi 4xe today. We are installing it on my friends 2 door JL. We are going to do shock extensions, track bars and sway bar disconnects. I'm not sure how much lift I will get but I will report back when completed.
  15. Help Jeep pick a new color

    They sprayed the color on 2013 JK. Very short run
  16. JLU Rock Rails on JL

    I pick up a set of JLU Rubicon rock rails and cut them to fit a 2 door just like I've done for a JK. It worked perfectly. They need to be cut anyway for larger tires anyways so I cut them where I wanted them. Smooth as silk.
  17. JLU Rock Rails on JL

    Can the JLU Rubicon rock rails be cut down and used on JL? I have cut down JKU rails and installed them on a JK. It looks like I could but wondering if anyone has done them?
  18. Front Axle Disconnect delete on Xtreme Recon Package?

    I see that the HD front axle on the XR package has steel C's and CV joints like the 392. Does it also have the FAD delete like the 392? I have read alot of info but haven't read this.
  19. Mopar Half Doors Installed on JLUR 392 Pics

    I actually just found a VIN on a Willys Sport with half door group and ran a build sheet on it and it does add the power package for the same price.
  20. Mopar Half Doors Installed on JLUR 392 Pics

    Slightly off the subject but........ If I am reading it correctly. If you get a Sport or a Willys Sport it adds power windows and such to your build included in the half door price. Has anyone ordered or recieved a Sport/Willys Sport with dual door option and got power package also?