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  1. Replacement Lenses for OEM LED Headlights

    Does anyone know where to get a replacement lens for a factory led headlight? I found a set and one had a crack. I don’t mind the work at the price they are just worried about finding the materials. I could sacrifice my halogen lenses if they’re the same. Thanks in advance, Dalton
  2. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    Swapped my grille. Need the LED headlights now!
  3. Motobilt Tail Light Kit Installed

    Awesome job! The Motobilt parts I’ve gotten for my diesel and my old JK were great!
  4. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Should. I cleared 37s with no lift, but added one for extra clearance. I used the 3/4” spacer mentioned in the thread with this.
  5. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Probably no different than those of us with lifts for the gas models. Add a spacer and it’ll be fine imo
  6. Managed to add Homelink to my JL sport

    For anyone interested, I spoke with zAutomotive and they said there will be a feature to activate homelink added soon to the Tazer Mini.
  7. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Finished the alignment today. 2.5 Rubicon Express JL7100 lift, RE1320 .75” spacer upfront, and Factory Fox shocks and 37s (nevermind Batman (my 3 year old) in the second pic)
  8. Hirschman connectors

    Struck out at my local dealer today. Will check with others. Anyone?
  9. Speakers/ stereo/ sub

    My current set up. Shallow mount 12 powered by a 600 watt Powerbass amp. Bought the box from a guy off eBay. Box is great quality and comes rhino lined to help with moisture.
  10. Hirschman connectors

    Does anyone know where to order these oem connectors, pins, wire seals etc....? I’m looking to do a couple wiring jobs and like a factory look. Dealer maybe? Thanks in advance.
  11. Looking into a JLU EcoDiesel order - so anyone on here actually have a good experience with the engine?

    I’ve had no problem with mine. Currently 4K miles. I don’t drive it much as compared to others, but it seems to be strong and efficient.
  12. Managed to add Homelink to my JL sport

    With that method, you’re jumping the constant feed power over to the homelink power supply, therefore, powering it full time. Which is the route I will go unless I can get someone to chime in on how to get the power from the BCM to the homelink. The
  13. Diesel for sale

    Good luck with the sale and whomever buys it will have a fine Jeep!
  14. Managed to add Homelink to my JL sport

    This is the route I plan on going. I’d just figured if it’s an option to enable it I would.
  15. Managed to add Homelink to my JL sport

    Got one from eBay for $75 shipped. Has anyone figured out how to get power to it factory? Could a Tazer enable it? Gonna power mine soon and would love this option!
  16. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Does anyone know if you can buy the Mopar 2” kit without the shocks? Or have part numbers for those components.
  17. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    Just in time to go to work. Finished the JT Fox Shock swap, and the Motobilt spare delete I rerouted the wiring for the camera and tag lights through the vents in the door.